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Tripl3-S Productions

Tripl3-S Productions
It's a Family Thing!

My brother and I's love for talk radio, podcasts, music, and generally all things audio, was first sparked by our Father, who introduced us to the enjoyment of listing from our earliest memories. 

We remember fondly the numerous times our Father would bring out his short-wave radio and have us listen to people from all around the world, via radio and later the internet, freely disperse information. Challenging the powers at be on the matters of their day, all for the sake of promoting and preserving freedom in an era where in many parts of the world meant risking everything.  

With this same love, joy, and passion for radio and its legacy of promoting and preserving freedom around the world, that led us to found Tripl3-S Productions in 2012. And it is why we strive every day to make it a place that will continue to enhance the joy that is radio and further its legacy of promoting and preserving freedom, first shared with us by our Father and first sparked by the radio. 

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