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The Sound OFF w. Corey - A Migrant Merry Christmas

On this episode I talk about the chaos at the American southern border this Christmas, and debunk the two main talking points Democrats are using to push their communist Marxist agenda instead of putting American's first. Namely, that a border wall is ineffective, and how if Christians support a border wall they would be responsible for the killing of baby Jesus. Have a merry and blessed Christmas!

APTH - Episode 6 - A Merry Christmas?

On this episode we discuss the majesty of Christ, whether Canada really is a socialist country, and the latest chaos at the American southern border.

APTH - Episode 5 - Have A Hart for John MacArthur

We talk about John MacArthur's appearance on the Ben Shapiro Sunday special. As well as Kevin Hart's right to freedom of speech, and the Oscar's right to freedom of association.

The Sound OFF with Corey - Episode 3: What Tissues are right for your Issues?

Kleenex is re-branding its "Mansize" tissues, but why will blow your mind. Hello Canada, You know… We used to ask derogatively to people who overreacted to and blew issues way out of proportion, if they wanted some tissues for their issues? But did you know that in this bizzare new snowflake world that we now live in, you now need to be careful about what tissues you hand to these people. Why?... Because if you hand them the most popular tissue in the U.K., one that over 3.4 million people buy a year, the Kleenex “Mansize” tissue. Not even that x-large tissue is soft enough to comfort them or strong enough to wipe away and hold all the tears that are sure to follow. As they react to how unjust it is to assign a gender to tissues, or any inanimate object really.   That’s right Kleenex is now rebranding their “Mansize” tissue despite its overwhelming success on the market, so as not to offend those who believe assigning a gender to tissues is wrong,

APTH - Pilot Episode - Happy Legalization Day Canada!

On today's podcast we discuss all things legal cannabis, both in Canada and the United States.

The Sound OFF with Corey - Episode 2 - Bitter and Incivil Coffee

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee, especially because this morning's coffee is filled with bitterness and incivility.

The Sound OFF with Corey - Pilot Episode

The Sound OFF with Corey - Pilot Episode America be proud that you wake up today not in a democracy, but in a Republic!