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and then there were Two, and a Kasich

Last night, saw Donald Trump win big claiming delegates and victories in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina. With a victory in Florida that forced Marco Rubio to finally face the writing on the wall and suspend his campaign for the Republican Party Nominee. Something conservatives and the never-Trump movement hoped would've happened before Florida so that Ted Cruz, who Rubio's campaign quickly endorsed following Rubio's announcement that he was suspending his campaign, could have been much more competitive on Super Tuesday Two. 

Yet, with a John Kasich victory in Ohio, Donald Trump despite his outstanding night was unable to seal the deal yesterday. Leaving open the very real possibility that true conservative and Constitutionalist Ted Cruz can now beat Trump and win the Republican Party's nomination.

Since with Marco Rubio out of the race and upon exiting officially endorsing Ted Cruz as the bearer of his message, one can be certain that nearly all of Rubio's supporters will now flock to the Ted Cruz camp. Especially when one considers that the never-Trump movement officially began with Marco Rubio and his campaign, as Rubio unsuccessfully attempted to trump the Donald at his own despicable game. This means that the path is now clear for Ted Cruz to take Trump on head to head, with poll after poll demonstrating that in the remaining states still to vote in the Republican primary race Ted Cruz beats Trump head to head over and over again.

With Trump arguing that while that may be true, Cruz still has no chance in beating him in two crucial winner take all states with huge delegate counts, New York and California. Yet, what Trump doesn't want you to know is that it may not matter all that much if Cruz can't beat him in California or New York. Since there is a good chance that John Kasich could beat Trump in California and New York, and thus effectively block Trump for Cruz just as he did last night by winning his home state of Ohio, as Cruz takes it to the house for the victory.

Yet, while this is the most likely scenario, I personally believe that Cruz is capable of beating Trump in California and New York. Since despite Ted Cruz consistently being Trump's biggest obstacle and threat to winning the nomination, in un-Trump like fashion the Donald has been reluctant to seriously attack Cruz, and take him head on. Instead choosing to focus on smaller fish such as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Suggesting that Trump both truly respects Ted Cruz as an opponent, and also understands that Cruz is dangerous to him in a way that none of the other candidates thus far have been. Since Cruz has consistently been the only candidate capable of getting into a fight with Trump over Trump's New York values, over the border, over Planned Parenthood, over healthcare, over Israel etc. and after dealing serious damage to Trump come out the victor. 

Leading me to believe that Trump is truly terrified that it has come down to a virtual one on one match up between Ted Cruz and himself. With evidence that Trump is indeed running scared coming to light last night when he announced his refusal to debate Ted Cruz, choosing instead to sit out the next debate and any future debates for the foreseeable future. Stating that there have already been enough debates. A decision that haunted him in Iowa, and could indeed lose him the candidacy if he follows through with it. 

All in all, Super Tuesday Two lived up to the hype and more, and as a Ted Cruz supporter I am thrilled at the possibilities that lay ahead for a Cruz candidacy, a Cruz Presidency, and ultimately for our nation. As President Cruz restores the Constitution as the ultimate law of the land, restores and returns the power that rightfully belongs to the people to the American people, healing the nation and restoring and once again unleashing the unlimited potential of the great American experiment.     

Think Aboot It.


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