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and then there were Two, and a Kasich

Last night, saw Donald Trump win big claiming delegates and victories in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina. With a victory in Florida that forced Marco Rubio to finally face the writing on the wall and suspend his campaign for the Republican Party Nominee. Something conservatives and the never-Trump movement hoped would've happened before Florida so that Ted Cruz, who Rubio's campaign quickly endorsed following Rubio's announcement that he was suspending his campaign, could have been much more competitive on Super Tuesday Two.  Yet, with a John Kasich victory in Ohio, Donald Trump despite his outstanding night was unable to seal the deal yesterday. Leaving open the very real possibility that true conservative and Constitutionalist Ted Cruz can now beat Trump and win the Republican Party's nomination.

Freedom Fighter: The Story of Ted Cruz

His story is why every American who truly understands why Washington crossed the Deleware,  should vote for Ted Cruz, and why I TRUS TED . Think Aboot It.