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Superbowl L: Broncos 24 - Panthers 10

Congratulations to the Denver Broncos for winning their 3rd Superbowl in franchise history, to Peyton Manning for cementing his place in the Football Hall of Fame, and to Von Miller who was incredible in Superbowl L and rightfully named Superbowl MVP. However, the Superbowl this year was far from simply the most amazing sporting event in the world, it also presented us with a critical lesson on character and true sportsmanship.

Cam Newton, NFL MVP, with his team down by six and needing only a touchdown to take the lead, fumbled the ball with only 4:19 left on the clock in the fourth quarter. Yet, while what Von Miller and the Denver defense did to force that fumble was amazing, what Cam Newton did while the ball was loose and recoverable on the ground was dishonorable.

Instead of honoring the effort and sacrifice that his teammates took to get their CEO and captain to the big show, and keep him in the game despite his worst performance of the season up until that point. Especially the effort by Luke Kuechly, who was just a monster out there.

Cam Newton decided he was more important than his teammates.

Deciding that instead of diving for that loose ball and keeping his team's hope alive, he would avoid risking injury to himself and taking the punishment necessary to lead his team to victory, and so backed away like a coward from recovering the loose ball.

Proving all his outspoken critics right, Cam Newton is a show boater with no respect for anything or anyone other than himself. An infamous legacy and dent in his character that Cam Newton will now have to live with until the Carolina Panthers win a Superbowl.

A headline from Superbowl L that is truly disheartening, especially because of what the young up and coming African American football star meant to so many young kids, especially African American kids aspiring to play in the NFL one day.

So let's all hope that Cam Newton grows a pair and learns from his mistakes. So that those kids that look up to him will understand what honor, courage, and putting your teammates first: true sportsmanship, truly looks like when it is on display. True sportsmanship that sadly was missing with 4:19 to go in Superbowl L.

Think Aboot It.