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Republicans' Emerging Divide Over Fundamentals of Syria

It is no secret that Donald Trump and Jeb Bush hate each other. However, while this divide between the two candidates has remained largely personal, this past week it became more substantial. As the two candidates demonstrated the growing divide between Republicans on how best to understand the fundamentals of, and handle the Syrian crisis.

In the minds of a vast majority of conservatives, not only has the Obama administration completely failed in its approach to crush ISIS and topple Assad. It has sold weapons blindly to factions inside Syria that may in fact be ISIS, or other terrorist networks. Meaning that American military equipment has begun to be used against American soldiers and fighters in the region as the CIA struggles to grasp who exactly they are selling the equipment to. A gap in knowledge that is just as incompetent as it is potentially devastating.

This has led many Republicans, like Trump,to suggest that because of the presence of ISIS and other Iranian sponsored terrorist groups inside Syria. It would be beneficial for the United States to ally with Russia in crushing ISIS, which is currently attempting to overthrow the Russian controlled Assad regime, before attempting to remove Assad from power. 

A sensible solution, as this would drastically deescalate the volatile situation in Syria. As the two superpowers who are currently operating militarily against one another through third parties, risking a direct confrontation between Russian and American forces as they operate inside Syria. A confrontation that many have suggested could lead to World War III, or at the very least a Crimean War situation. America and Russia would operate together to remove the most fundamental terrorist threat to them both. As the combined might of Russian and American forces acting against ISIS, would absolutely obliterate the terrorist organization into irrelevancy.   

A monumental achievement for the security of, and the stability between Russia, America, and America's European allies, that could in fact end the Syrian crisis all together and deescalate the growing tension between Russia and NATO. Especially, when one considers that Syria has always been Russian controlled territory, and the American people have no stomach for another unnecessary Middle East nation building project. With the hope being that with a Republican President in 2016, common sense will prevail and America will avoid toppling Assad altogether, perhaps even leveraging the situation to convince Russia to back off in the more critical Ukraine and Georgia regions.  

Yet, while this is the hope of many conservatives and Americans, represented most certainly in Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. There appears to be a growing movement away from this common sense solution, and towards a doubling down on the Obama administrations failed policies inside Syria. A movement that is being championed by establishment candidates, most notably Jeb Bush.
Demonstrating once again, why after being disappointed by the past two Bush family administrations, it is important that all Republicans stay out of the 'Bushes'. 

Since what Jeb Bush is suggesting follows in the pattern begun by his elder brother President George W. Bush when he entered Iraq, and which has been continued by President Barack Obama in Egypt during the Arab Spring, and now in Syria. A pattern that has led to mounting national debt and American deaths, with absolutely nothing to show for it and no clear national interests threatened or further secured. A foreign policy record that the American people know is both tragically wrong for the nation, and is hampering not helping secure American relations and interests in the Middle East.

This is why it is astonishing that Jeb Bush during the South Carolina debate, would suggest that we need to keep dumping American military equipment into the hands of Syrian factions that have never been our allies and who we don't know the identity of. In the hopes that these American backed factions will be able to operate on both sides of the conflict to destroy ISIS and topple Assad. A policy that has not only failed miserably, but one that continues this incomprehensible and focused movement by the West to provoke Russia by risking direct conflict with Russian forces in Syria. As the West actively attempts to undermine historical Russian international territory claims for absolutely no reason.

A growing divide between Republicans on the fundamentals of Syria and how best to handle the Syrian crisis, that is as astonishing as it is terrifying. Let's all just hope that we are awake enough to notice the critical difference that is emerging on this defining issue of our time, and elect a Republican president in 2016 that will not continue the status quo in Syria but rather lead America back to common sense in the Middle East.

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