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Proud to be "Anti-Choice" and "Pro-Life"

The internet exploded after news broke earlier today that a new extension for web browser Google Chrome will, when downloaded by an user, change the words pro-life to anti-choice on any web page. An extension, that as the creator who partnered with the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund and who wishes to remain anonymous states, is useful in winning the war against those who stand against a women's right to choose. Arguing that the term pro-life, demonizes those who are pro-choice, "by suggesting that in their support of a woman's right to choose what is best for her own life, they also advocate for death in some way."

Calling it a powerful tool in the fight against women health rights. Instead of what it truly is, pinheaded political correctness run amok.

The reason this extension is so idiotic is blatantly obvious from the extensions own description. This is because whether you believe that the growing tissue inside your vagina is a child, is a bus, is a spoon or whatever else you need it to be to make you feel less guilty about murdering it. It does not change the fact that those who are pro-choice seek to kill the living tissue by removing it from the woman's body, and those of us who are pro-life seek to protect the life of that growing living tissue. Meaning that regardless of whatever you believe it to be, as a pro-choice advocate you are still advocating for death in some way by advocating for the death of the living tissue inside the women's womb.    

Not only that but whether you change the term in your browser from pro-life to anti-choice, this is not going to affect the debate in any way. It is simply going to make you seem foolish when someone states that they are pro-life, and you, who no longer has any idea what that is because you have removed the correct vocabulary that everyone who lives in reality uses from your browser, can only ask sheepishly, what's that? A response that will leave you embarrassed as everyone around you asks what, have you been living under a rock or something?

Also, the notion that the term pro-life somehow demonizes those who are pro-choice is absurd. This is none other than a case of pro-choice advocates feeling guilty over the millions of children they have murdered by demanding so called "women's health rights," including the right to murder innocent children inside the womb. A demand for "women's health rights" that they believe should now include the right to have any reminder of the innocent blood on their hands removed from society. As is evidenced by the creation of such an extension, their robust resistance to women being educated before conceding to such a serious medical procedure as an abortion through state legislation that would force women to see face to face the living growing tissue they wish to have removed before removing it, and most insane of all their terrifying hatred for the recent Superbowl 50 Doritos commercial that had nothing to do with the abortion issue but dared to suggest that human babies come out of women's wombs when they are pregnant and just like all humans they love Doritos.

With the reason pro-choice advocates are feeling so guilty being because they know their position has been proven untenable in light of sound logical reasoning, and so instead of conceding defeat they are now attempting to change the language. Since to have to deal with the truth of the matter, that they have murdered 8 times more innocent lives than Hitler did during the Holocaust, is too much guilt to bear for pro-choice advocates. So they have decided that it is much easier to avoid the truth, and by their own unsound logic, demonize pro-life advocates as anti-choice instead.  

Yet, whether pro-choice advocates change the term used to refer to those of us who are against the murder of innocent children through abortion, from pro-life, to anti-choice, to terrorist, to chauvinist pig, or to the many other disgusting insults that pro-choice advocates have thrown our way. The truth will still prevail, and I will still always remain proud to be "pro-life" and "anti-choice" when it comes to issue of abortion.

Think Aboot It.