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No Open Door Policy in Competitive South Carolina Primary

News came to light late last night that Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Ted Cruz had an intimate closed door meeting inside a storage closet to discuss their now long running feud over what Carson has been calling 'dirty tricks' by Cruz during the campaign. Especially in Iowa, where Cruz took advantage of Dr. Carson's cryptic actions and CNN reporting to suggest that Carson's Iowa supporters should support Cruz instead. With the meeting by all accounts, despite lasting 30 minutes which was much longer than the agreed upon 5, not going well for Cruz who was hoping to patch up the relationship with the neurosurgeon ahead of today's South Carolina primary.

Since while feuds between  political candidates are nothing new in the current political climate and are therefore normally insignificant, case and point Jeb Bush and Donald Trump, the feud between Carson and Cruz is remarkably significant for several reasons.

Dr. Carson and Senator Cruz Share the Same Vision

It has long been recognized since the inception of both candidates' campaigns that they are essentially one in the same when it comes to their character and faith, love of the Constitution, and the policies they wish to see implemented in Washington to restore freedom and prosperity to the nation. With their only differences being slight details in specific policies, such as how to handle the IRS and reform the current tax system. Despite both agreeing that the IRS is out of control and the tax code needs to be drastically cut and reorganized to allow the engine of the free market system to run again.  
As well as agreeing on a whole host of other issues, including: opposing Obama's attempt to appoint a Supreme Court justice before the 2016 election, opposing Obama's attempts to tyrannically remove our 2nd amendment rights, that Obamacare is disastrous and needs to be repealed,  that the southern border needs to be secured with a wall and e-verify tracking system, both are pro-life and of the Christian faith, both view the office of the Presidency as an office of a servant, both view the Constitution as the chief law of the land etc.

Meaning that at the beginning of the Republican Presidential Primaries, constitutional Americans had two great candidates to choose from, and great hope that if either one were elected President the Constitution would be restored as the chief operating document inside of Washington, as well as the chief governing document of the United States.  

Dr. Carson is Irrelevant 

The problem is that time has moved on and we are just hours away from voters having their voices heard in the Republican South Carolina Primary. A race that has tightened significantly between Trump and Cruz, with a new poll released by NBC and the Wall Street Journal showing that the two candidates are now neck and neck in the state. While Dr. Carson remains at the bottom of the GOP field garnering only 10% of the vote.

This means that for those of us who love the Constitution, it is critical that the only Constitutional challenger to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, picks up as many votes as possible from now until the polls officially open today in South Carolina. In order to ensure that the next Republican presidential nominee is a God fearing Constitutionalist. With the best way to ensure that this happens being if Dr. Carson, an irrelevant candidate ever since Iowa, were to use some forward thinking, get over himself and show forgiveness, and ultimately use common sense and do what is best for the nation by dropping out of the race and endorsing his political twin Ted Cruz. Thus, sealing the victory not for Ted Cruz, but for every American who loves the Constitution and wants to see this nation restored to its former glory.

In fact, for the sake of full disclosure, since as many of you know I am a huge supporter of Ted Cruz, I would give Ted Cruz the same advice if the poll positions were reversed and instead of Dr. Carson it was him who was at the bottom of the GOP field.
Trump is Going to Devastate the Nation 

Since we live in a time in our nation's history where we can no longer vote for candidates simply because we like them, we must vote for candidates because they love the American experiment and want to restore all the values and institutions that made this nation great. This is why it is so essential that not only is the Republican presidential nominee a God fearing Constitutionalist, but that as appealing as some of Donald Trump's policies are, they are not Donald Trump.

Since what we need at the helm is a President that does not operate from fear and anger, but from love. So that as Abraham Lincoln so eloquently put it we can bind up the nation's wounds by showing malice towards none, charity towards all, and with firmness do the right as God gives us to see the right.

Since our country is bitterly divided, along racial lines, religious lines, as well as political lines. Meaning we desperately need a President who is not going to punish and seek revenge against those who might hold a different opinion from his own, but rather one that with God as his chief adviser, who will restore the Constitution in America. Thus, restoring equality under the law for all people, restoring freedom by removing the tyranny that has come from Washington, and restoring prosperity to the people who will once again be able to choose for themselves and realize the American dream.

This is why the feud between Senator Ted Cruz, and Dr. Ben Carson is so remarkably significant, because its political ramifications and the choice that Dr. Ben Carson makes, will affect all of us, and may in fact affect not just us but generations to come.

Think Aboot It.