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Cruz Lends Astonishing Support for a Women's Right to Choose

In a campaign stop in New Hampshire, one day before the state's primary elections, Ted Cruz in typical Texas fashion praised New Hampshire's gun legislation and gun control measures. While at the same time slamming President Obama for his unconstitutional attempts to tyrannically use executive orders to take away the American people's 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Yet, while the Texas Senator's remarks on the issue of gun control were poignant and remarkably witty, with Cruz stating:

"You know, one of the great things about the Granite State is that you all define gun control the same way we do in Texas. Hitting What you aim at."

The remarks that Senator Cruz made on the next issue he took aim at stole the headlines. As the Texas Senator lent his astonishing support to a women's right to choose.

No, Senator Ted Cruz is not all of a sudden pro-choice when it comes to abortion, as the avid pro-life proponent has made clear on multiple occasions. Rather Cruz lent his support to the notion that the Pentagon's recent suggestion, that all women should be made eligible for the draft, is simply absurd.

Stating that while he has raised both his daughters to believe that they can accomplish anything that they dream of doing,

"the idea that the federal government would forcibly conscript our daughters and put them in a combat role, put them in a foxhole fighting a jihadist, a two hundred and twenty pound psychopath trying to kill them in a foxhole, is nuts."

Not to mention completely impractical in ensuring troop safety and the nation's security, as the Texas Senator pointed out.

Yet, what makes Senator Cruz's remarks on female conscription so astonishing is that he is the lone courageous conservative voice right now speaking out against this absurd notion. With all the other candidates currently too afraid to stand up against this massive proposed overreach by the clearly out of control federal government, for risk that they might be seen as misogynistic.

However, by Ted Cruz taking the lead on this issue he has shown once again that despite all the rhetoric from the other GOP candidates, about the danger of allowing political correctness to dictate what we say and do. On this critical issue, Cruz alone is willing to speak the truth and stand for conservative principles, regardless of the pressure surrounding this issue to be politically correct.

Boldness, non-conformity, and loyalty to the truth, that would mean under a Cruz Presidency, thousands of daughter's lives all across the country would be saved. As women would not be forcibly conscripted into the Armed Forces if god forbid there was indeed a major war. While women who chose for themselves to enlist in the fight, would be sent off to war and deal as much damage to the enemy in defense of God and country as any American soldier on the battlefield.

Thus, Senator Ted Cruz should be proud for lending his support to a women's right to choose for themselves whether they want to be sent off to war or not; and we as conservatives should in turn lend our support to Cruz.

Think Aboot It.