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Conservatives Cruz, Hillary Hurts in Iowa Caucuses

We were all told what the game tape was supposed to look like, for weeks now the pundits made it clear that front runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were going to win handily in Iowa. After all, Hillary Clinton may have some warts but she isn't a self-avowed socialist, and Donald Trump had been leading by a healthy margin going into last night's Iowa Caucuses. Yet, despite all the information, all the polling science, and all the expertise that went into predicting the results of the Iowa Caucuses. The results were far more fascinating than any could have imagined. Its why they say: the game still has to be played, because anything can happen.


Ted Cruz demonstrated what the Presidential hopeful had been stating for weeks, that his campaign had the best ground game in the state, and that being a strong uncompromising constitutional Christian was an asset not a liability. Sending major ripples through the Republican Primary race by capturing 28% of the vote in Iowa, and beating Donald Trump by more than a four point margin. Despite pundits forecasting for weeks that even if Ted Cruz did win it would only be by 1 or 2 percentage points.

Yet, while the media, who is notorious for actively attempting to destroy any constitutional Christian politician, is quick to suggest that ultimately Cruz's victory in Iowa won't matter nor help him to win the Republican nomination. I think there are a few key factors that are being overlooked that suggest otherwise.

The most notable factor is that as candidates begin to drop out of the Republican Primary race as it progresses, this should help Cruz the most in cementing an even larger group of supporters among Republicans. This is because it is understood that when Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Rand Paul drop out of the race, despite strong showings in Iowa with Carson winning 9% of the vote and Paul winning 5% respectively, their followers and the liberty vote will flock to the Cruz camp. Meaning that if Carson and Paul, the candidates who had the strongest finishes in Iowa after the big three, had not been in the race, there was potential for Cruz to have won Iowa by an overwhelming double digit margin.

Another factor that seems to be overlooked by the media is that Donald Trump is in serious trouble. Not only did Trump not even come close to winning Iowa, he only finished second by one point over the long predicted long distant third, Marco Rubio. A testament to Marco Rubio's hard work, conservative message, and strong performance during the last debate. As well as a clear rejection by Republicans of Trump's: "I'm a winner, I'm the greatest, lets go to Washington and make America great again by compromising the Constitution by making deals with the Washington Republican Party cartel and with the Democrats" pitch. A message that Donald Trump has been touting before the American people for weeks as more and more establishment progressive Republicans give him hollow endorsements and flock to his side.

Yet, despite these many endorsements it seems that the people aren't buying what Trump is selling anymore, and are embracing instead a genuine conservative Constitutional message. One that both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have been championing throughout the primary. Meaning that not only did the winner Donald Trump not win, puncturing the sense of invincibility and inevitability that the Republican establishment and the media have tried so hard to surround Trump with, but Republicans are beginning to see through the rhetoric of the most policy deficient candidate to ever run for public office and embrace true Constitutional conservatives in Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Lastly, it must be noted that as Donald Trump begins to fall back to earth and the Republican Primary truly becomes a three horse race, between Trump, Rubio and Cruz. The candidates are going to have to more vigorously attack and debate one another, and while Rubio and Donald Trump are well schooled in the tactics of underhanded politics with Rubio and Trump effectively running Jeb Bush out of the race. Ted Cruz may just have the edge over both of them. Since while Ted Cruz does not play dirty, he has been the only candidate to stand up to Donald Trump thus far and not only not see his numbers crater in the polls, as did Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio's numbers when they went after Trump earlier in the campaign, but while attacking Trump Ted Cruz pulled out what many experts thought was an unlikely victory in Iowa by quite a substantial margin over the supposed invincible and inevitable winner, Donald Trump.    


After losing the Iowa Caucuses in stunning fashion in 2008, Hillary Clinton, the woman who is supposed to be the next President, one day, eventually, maybe, possibly? Almost lost again last night, this time to a self-avowed socialist in his seventies, Bernie Sanders. In fact, so tight was the race that while other media outlets had called it, still others wanted to wait until all the votes were in to be certain that Hillary had clinched it. A smart move given that Hillary Clinton finished with only 4 votes more than Bernie Sanders in the Iowa Caucuses, with both enjoying 50% of the vote.

Charles Krauthammer upon hearing the results stated, "a win, is a win, is a win." Yet, this type of win does not bode well at all for the Hillary campaign moving forward. Since Iowa is traditionally a blue dog democrat state, not a socialist communist democrat state. Thus, for Bernie Sanders to capture 50% of the vote and come within 4 votes of upsetting Hillary, highlights a growing problem that the Hillary campaign is going to have to address if they want to win. That not only has Bernie Sanders captured lightning in a bottle with the youth vote, but he has begun to make substantial in roads with adult and elderly Democrats. Two key, ultimately deciding, and projected Hillary strongholds among Democrat voters.

Not only that, but another disturbing trend for the Hillary campaign is what is driving Bernie Sander's momentum. Namely, that as more and more details come out about the illegal unprotected email server that Hillary Clinton used during her time as Secretary of State. Not only do the chances of Hillary receiving an indictment grow, raising fears that if she is elected the Democrat Party nominee the Democrats could end up with no one to run against the Republican Presidential candidate in the general election. Even if she is not indicted and is able to run against the Republican Presidential nominee, her viability, as a candidate capable of winning in the general election, continues to erode. As new details regarding the server continue to drive down her trust and honesty ratings among the American people to an all time low. Due to an issue that Hillary Clinton has already attempted to get in front of, only to the detriment of her own chances of becoming the Democrat Party nominee and ultimately President.  

- Uchiha22
Creator and Founder