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The World's Richest Cry Baby: Donald Trump

Today in both a personal video and moments ago in an official statement released by Trump's campaign, the people of Iowa learned that the current front runner in the Republican Primary will not be appearing in the final debate before the Iowa Caucuses this upcoming Tuesday. The reason, because Donald Trump is the richest cry baby in the entire world and can't stand Megyn Kelly for daring to take off the kid gloves and be tough with him.
As everyone knows, Megyn Kelly in a Republican Primary Debate hosted by Fox News on August 6, asked Donald Trump a tough question regarding his previous public comments regarding women, many of which were insulting and demeaning. A question in line with good journalism and reporting, especially when Donald Trump supporters along with the rest of the GOP are currently praising journalist who are going after Hilary Clinton, the Democrat Party Primary front runner, over the issue of how she allegedly aided her husband Bill Clinton in covering up multiple alleged instances of sexual harassment committed by Bill against multiple women during his time as President.

Yet, whether or not you think that Megyn Kelly is doing good journalism, or whether or not she is biased against Trump doesn't really matter and here is why. Not only has Trump on multiple occasions and against multiple people demonstrated that his built in reaction to anyone who dares to challenge or disagree with him is to immediately throw a temper tantrum like a spoiled brat, and throw personal insults around like they were going out of style, with his latest victims including Glenn Beck, Megyn Kelly, Mark Levin, Ted Cruz and the National Review.

Demonstrating that Trump, despite his protestations against the fact, is not a uniter nor is he capable of getting deals done between those who hold a difference of opinion from his, but that he instead is another divider for personal gain, someone in the mold of President Obama. Even admitting as much in on national television during the previous Republican Primary debate when asked about why he has called of the truce that was in place between himself and Ted Cruz. Responding, that he began to personally attack and insult the Senator from Texas simply because Cruz was beginning to do better in the polls and it is inconceivable that the great Donald Trump should begin to lose so he began to do anything to win.

A divisive trait in a Presidential candidate that is simply dangerous and potentially irreparably damaging to the nation if Trump becomes President. Since no American can deny that under President Obama's leadership the nation has never been more divided. At least not since the days of the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement, a time of great distress and upheaval for the nation. Meaning that America cannot endure another four or potentially eight years under a Trump administration, regardless of whether or not the economy is fixed.

Yet, even more dangerous to the nation than Donald Trump's "if you disagree with me or are tough on me, you become my enemy" mindset would be for America, especially in her current state, under a Trump Presidency. As Fox News pointed out in their response to Trump's official statement of withdrawal from the debate this Thursday, which reads:

       We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayotollah and Putin both intend to
       treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president -
       a nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet
       with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.
Trump's withdrawal demonstrates that he cannot be trusted to lead the nation when it comes to foreign policy matters and leading America to prevail against our most dangerous enemies, who indeed won't treat a President Trump fairly.

However, if you think that this comment while clever is unfair to Donald Trump, I think that it is very interesting that an ex KGB officer as well as former State Department senior adviser Christian Whiton, when commenting during an interview with CNN's Don Lemon back in December on Putin's praise for Trump, implied the very same thing. With the ex KGB officer who knew Putin, stating that Putin was trained very well and excelled at manipulating people which is why he was able to move up in the KGB ranks so fast, and that he believes Putin views Trump as someone that he can use and manipulate playing off of Trump's huge ego and need for praise and adoration. Statements echoed by Whiton and which add further evidence on top of today's, that Donald Trump is not someone who is going to make America great again despite his claims.

Lastly, aside from Donald Trump exposing himself as a divider, and as someone who would be completely inept as President when it comes to dealing with foreign policy and America's enemies, he also exposed himself as a self-righteous coward. Not just by refusing to go to the debate so that he wouldn't have to face Megyn Kelly or his most dangerous opponents Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, but by refusing to go the debate and stand before the people of Iowa and make his case for President. All because Donald Trump believes himself to be above reproach, a winner, and always right no matter if you disagree with him. Traits that make Trump sound more like a tyrant than a servant of the people, let alone President of the United States.

In short, the people of Iowa and the people of this great nation deserve better, and for those of you who are Trump supporters, despite your desperation to win, I think you know this to be true too.

- Uchiha22
Creator and Founder