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Presidential Revolutionary, Attacks Families in Iowa

Presidential Revolutionary Candidate Bernie Sanders
Tragedy struck at a Bernie Sanders' campaign rally in Iowa yesterday, as presidential revolutionary candidate Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist revolutionary who directly aided America's communist revolutionary enemies during the Cold War, took the stage to launch a devastating stabbing tirade against not only every child's right to life, but the sanctity of all American families. LISTEN HERE Yet, what was revealed by this attack about the true intentions of Socialist Bernie Sanders is even more shocking.

The attack occurred as Bernie Sanders attempted to state his position on abortion and contrast it with the pro-life stance taken by the Republican Party, asserting that he is firmly pro-choice. Stating:

"Republicans love families, can't stop talking about families... When Republicans talk about family values, what they are saying is no women in this room, in this state, in this country should have a right to control her own body. I disagree."

Yet, by linking the issue of the American family to abortion, Sanders not only asserted his pro-choice stance on the issue of abortion, but even more shockingly openly revealed that he is also firmly pro-single parent mothers, anti-family, anti-men, pro-death, and pro-American collapse.

A shocking statement for any presidential candidate to make.

Yet, it is even more shocking for Bernie Sanders to admit. Since being a self avowed socialist he adheres to the notion so eloquently penned by Karl Marx, "that in the country of reason, the existence of God cannot have any meaning." Thus, biology and science are all that matter and come into play when it comes to the child, and to child birth. Yet, if biology is all that matters then a father has an equal claim to the child being born, for biologically to a socialist the child consists only of its DNA. DNA that is composed of half of the Father's and half of the Mother's DNA, rendering the child, under a purely scientific framework, as much the father's property as the property of the mother. Giving the father an equal say in deciding the fate of the child.

However, since we all know that socialists, liberals, progressives, and communists aren't famously known for their routine adherence to the facts of reality, and developing consistency in their worldviews let's turn instead to the social and political consequences of Sander's statement. Namely, that by naming men, the other half of the American family, as the enemy of pro-choice he has effectively also stated that since he will be a champion of pro-choice, all fathers and husbands in all American families are his enemies as well.

Not only that, but by making fathers and husbands the enemy of their wives when it comes to a women's right to choose, Sanders has also effectively rendered the institution of the American family with its family values, the enemy of all pro-choice women. Implicitly advocating that instead of listening to Republicans who urge everyone to form a family, women should instead remain single so that they are able to choose for themselves when and where they want to have children, if they even want to have them. Thus, effectively advocating for death through the putting in place of social understandings that will systemically restrain the proliferation of human life in America.

Since, if women should remain single so that they can remain pro-choice and the authors of their own destiny, then the greatest institution in the history of mankind for abundantly producing and raising healthy and productive children, the family, will die out. Leaving the American people no posterity to pass on the torch of liberty to, ensuring that liberty for all mankind dies with this generation or perhaps the next. Meaning that Bernie Sanders is not only pro-death, he is also pro-American collapse. The fundamental aim of Sanders policies and the true reason why I called this attack on all American families what it truly is, a tragedy.

Since Bernie Sanders knows, what socialist and communists who have sought the fundamental transformation and collapse of their greatest enemy America into their greatest toy have known for centuries. In order to transform America you have to first weaken her morally and religiously, then militarily, and then collapse capitalism through a systematic destruction of the American population, for without a growing population and ever expanding consumer base to buy products the system stalls and begins to breakdown.

Thus, if Bernie Sanders can convince the American family that the greatest baby making social institution of all time, the family and the values that form its foundation, are essentially evil. Then not only will he be able to convince thousands of women that the government is the only one who can truly take care of them. Thus ensuring an ever expanding, continuous, and necessary role for the government in the lives of an ever expanding segment of the population. He will also be able to bring socialists and communists one step closer to completion of their ultimate goal, the complete fundamental transformation of America that current President Barack Obama has so successfully started.

- Uchiha22
Creator and Founder