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Glenn Beck vs. Sarah Palin

It came as a surprise to many when Glenn Beck at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire Saturday gave not only his very first endorsement to a politician by endorsing Ted Cruz, but also gave Ted Cruz one of Beck's and the nation's most treasured possessions, George Washington's compass. Demonstrating that not only was Beck lending his name and support to Cruz, but that he is willing to fight alongside Cruz in the trenches as the Republican Primary continues to approach the crucial first votes of the Iowa Caucasus. Yet, with conservative/libertarian Glenn Beck endorsing Ted Cruz and fellow conservative Sarah Palin earlier in the week endorsing the other front runner in the Republican primary, Donald Trump. It poses a series of interesting questions for members of the Republican Party.
With various notable conservative publications, such as the National Review, and notable conservative talk radio hosts, including Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck, all coming out over the past week denouncing Donald Trump in an attempt to dissuade Republicans of the notion that Donald Trump is truly a conservative. The first question that needs to be addressed by conservatives and Republicans is whether or not Donald Trump is who he claims to be?

However, since this topic has already been covered thoroughly by many much more knowledgeable than I, and with the overwhelming evidence being that Donald Trump is not a conservative at all but a crony capitalist who is attempting to lie and buy his way into the White House. I am instead going to focus on answering the next logical question facing Republicans, if Donald Trump is not a conservative, does that mean Sarah Palin is not really one either?

This answer is a bit more tricky since Sarah Palin has always been on the right side of many issues for conservatives and Republicans. Advocating for second amendment rights, a child's right to life, capitalism, abolishing the EPA etc. So it begs the question, why would Sarah Palin endorse a candidate who has been on the wrong side of these issues for most, if not his entire adult life in Donald Trump? 

I think that the answer lies not in what Sarah Palin believes the federal government should implement and support as the policies for governing the nation, but rather in how Sarah Palin wants to see these policies implemented. 

This is evidenced by the fact that Sarah Palin in her endorsement speech of Donald Trump claimed that not her son but President Obama, was personally responsible for her son's brutal actions this past week when he punched and physically assaulted his girlfriend. Blaming it on the President's lack of respect and support for the military that has been well documented, rather than demanding personal responsibility and accountability from her son. This is telling, aside from how out of touch with reality this sort of statement makes her, for it demonstrates just how desperate she is to see the Democrats lose and the Republicans win. That she will do anything, sling any mud, and sacrifice any principle (personal responsibility) to see a Republican win the white house this November.

This is important, for this kind of behavior demonstrated by her endorsement of Trump also explains why she ran with progressive Republican John McCain in 2008, despite their well documented differences on matters of policy and principles at the time. Since it demonstrates that Sarah Palin is not a constitutional conservative, but rather a progressive conservative. In that while she holds the same beliefs as all conservatives do, she is willing to bend the rules, sling the mud, and sacrifice the principles laid out in the Constitution in order to win and see conservative policies implemented by the federal government of the United States. Thus, Sarah Palin has demonstrated through her endorsement of Trump that she shares the same dangerous trait that all progressives do, an appreciation for authoritarianism in support of their beliefs. With this trait being found in a recent study conducted nationally by the University of Massachusetts, to be the single trait that most supporters of President Obama and most supporters of Donald Trump have in common.

Thus, it is no wonder that Glenn Beck and other true conservatives, those who value citizen government as it is laid out in the principles of the Constitution, have so vehemently come out to oppose Trump and his flimsy attempt to pose as a staunch conservative. Lending their support instead to the other front runner of the Republican Primary, Ted Cruz. Since they recognize, as did George Washington and the other founders, that the solution to our problems no matter how dark it gets must come from the people, and that it will be the people, not any single authoritarian figure, that will restore the Republic to greatness. With Abraham Lincoln, in his Lyceum Address in Springfield Illinois on January 27, 1838, putting it this way, that "as a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide." 

Since as Lincoln laid out in the same address, and as Washington and the founders understood, no one man can resist the temptation of power that goes along with authoritarian rule and so no one man is capable of solving the problems of the nation. Since such a state of affairs as history has dictated will only contribute to worsen the problems of the nation. Instead, it is only when the President adheres to the constitution and thus listens and serves the people who direct him to the solutions, that freedom will reign across the nation and the land will be healed as the people are free to find justice and prosperity for themselves.

So if you as a Republican, as a conservative, or as a citizen of the Repbulic, also believe in the Constitution and wish to see it restored as the governing principles and framework for the nation, then it is clear that despite appearances it is imperative that you not be deceived by Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. Just as it is imperative that you do not simply follow the herd and vote for Ted Cruz because Glenn Beck and others have stated they will do so. 

Instead, what is most imperative is that you truly educate yourself on each candidate and their record, and then vote for someone who understands that doing the right thing and upholding and defending the Constitution is more important than winning, that the President is a servant, that this election is not about the parties but rather about the Constitution, and someone who has consistently demonstrated throughout their life that they are a true constitutionalist . Since this is not a time to settle, but rather this is a time for choosing. Choosing whether citizen government will cease in this nation, or whether it will be restored in Washington, and thus freedom and prosperity restored in this great nation by the people.  

- Uchiha22
Creator and Founder