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Genuine Ted Cruz and Bold Russia, Launching Time Machine

Friday's headlines were anything but slow, between the Republican Primary debate yesterday and Russia's actions on the world stage it's hard to keep up with it all. So with most of it already being covered from every angle, I thought that I would offer a unique perspective on something that may have been overlooked from this weeks events. Namely, that on Thursday and Friday this week we learned that Republican Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, and enigmatic leader of Russia Vladimir Putin share a similar vision for the future of America, Russia, and the world. It seems that both intend to cooperate in a joint effort between the two nations to build and launch the world's first time machine. Theoretically impossible? Sure. Soon to be reality? Sure seems like it.

As I listened to the Republican debate last night. I watched the festivities with much pleasure as Senator Ted Cruz landed the final and most devastating blow against opponent Marco Rubio in what was the most intense and heated fight of the debate over immigration policy. As well as admittedly with small amounts of pain as I winced at the major misstep performed by my favorite candidate in the race, Senator Ted Cruz, when he threatened to leave the stage.

However, what was most intriguing to me as I reflected on the debate and read through the news headlines coming in from around the world this morning, was a statement that Senator Ted Cruz made last night on that debate stage. A statement that has seemingly been overlooked by everyone in the media, and yet one with profound consequences for the future of America and the world. 

Senator Ted Cruz, when speaking about the need to rebuild the military in order to defeat terrorist group ISIS and keep Russia in check, said this:

In 1981 when Ronald Reagan came to the Oval Office, he encountered a military that had been debilitated. Just as the current military has. Just like Jimmy Carter weakened our readiness, undermined our ability to defend this country, so too has Barack Obama. Just as moral in the military has plummeted in the last seven years, so it had then. What Reagan did, is he began with tax reform and regulatory reform. Unleashing the engine of the American free enterprise system. It brought booming economic growth and that growth fueled rebuilding the military. I intend to do the exact same thing. To defeat radical Islamic terrorism and to devote the resources from the booming economy to rebuilding our navy, to rebuilding our air force, rebuilding our army, and ensuring we have the capacity to keep this country safe.

The reason this statement is so significant, is not because it evokes the name of the great Ronaldus Magnus, and not because history has shown that this approach works, but because of what we learned today about what Russia is doing on the world stage. 

Today we learned that Russian fighter jets have been consistently buzzing and provoking US military spy planes in an unprofessional and provocative manner in international airspace over the Black Sea. A key region for Mediterranean and European trade and a key divide between Russia's most south-eastern border and our NATO allies in Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania. Meanwhile, along Russia's most north-eastern border NATO allies Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are requesting the permanent stationing of NATO ground troops in the region. Sighting Russia's ever increasing hostility and pugilism in the region formerly belonging to the Soviet Union. Most notably in the Ukraine, where pro-Russian rebels continue to gain support from Moscow and take the fight to the democratically elected pro-European Kiev government despite the agreed to ceasefire.

However, the threat against Estonia and the other NATO allies in the region including Norway, as well as European allies Sweden and Finland is also growing in the waters of the north-Atlantic, where Russian submarine levels have grown to their highest since the Cold War. Prompting high ranking Swedish Major General Anders Brannstrom, to not only consider joining the NATO alliance, despite Sweeden's historically neutral stance, but also to devote Sweedish military funding away from international policing and towards increasing the nation's military capability and conducting military exercises to prepare the nation for the systemic threat of war in just a few years against a qualified opponent, Russia. All of this further compounded by the recent alarming reports that have surfaced in Britain, stating that Russia currently has more spies in Britain than at any time since the Cold War.    

This is why the Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz's statement about America going back to 1981, the heart of the Cold War, and adopting the policies of Ronaldus Magnus are so significant. Since Russia led by Putin is steadily raising the stakes on the world stage, seemingly gunning for another all out confrontation with the United States and the West. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz knows this and so is responding with the same calm determination and resolve that Ronaldus Magnus did when confronted by the evil that was the Soviet Union. 

So yes, while a time machine is theoretically impossible, Presidential hopeful Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Russian leader Vladimir Putin are on the verge of building a time machine and bringing us all back to 1981. Since Ted Cruz has the same calm determination and resolve that Ronaldus Magnus had in 1981 in the belief that Russia is evil and will be thrown on the ash-heap of history, because capitalism works, America is good, and the American people are exceptional.

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