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EPA: "You can't mistake a weather event for the climate"

Snowfall Estimates - Winter Storm Jonas
So as we all know the north east is supposed to be hit hard by Winter Storm Jonas this weekend, and while all of us hope and pray for the safety of all those who may be effected by this massive storm. It is important to note that the media instead of focusing on equipping you the people with news about the election or about other world affairs that directly impact our lives, or with information that would enable you to know how to survive such a storm, we are once again scolded like children as the media reminds us that once again this is all our fault. After all, as the President reminded us in his State of the Union Address a couple of weeks ago, man made global warming, not ISIS, is the most serious threat to our national existence, and we as Americans are the most responsible for this phenomenon, one that over 80% of the nation after thinking aboot it dismisses as a fairy tale.

Yet, I am sorry if just like you I am a little confused, putting aside for a moment the President's notion that global warming and not ISIS posses the greatest threat to our national existence specifically in this moment in history, since for years the media has dismissed every major snow storm that has hit North America as evidence that man made global warming is a myth. Yet, because they have come to realize that they can no longer dismiss these frequent and natural snow storms that keep occurring in the season of winter and still hope to remain credible with the American people, they are now embracing these huge storms as proof that man made global warming is true.
[Ex. Think Progress]

However, this latest flip flop is even more incredulous then it appears even on the surface. Since as the experts from the Employment Prevention Agency (EPA) and the citizen experts that the media always brought on to dismiss snow storm after snow storm as evidence of the untruth of man made global warming. Always dismissed the storms for just one reason, that you can't confuse a single weather event for the climate. Meaning you can't use any single weather event as proof for or against man made global warming.

Yet, here once again the media and the left are caught red handed lying and deceiving the people, since by their own standards and beliefs they can't use Winter Storm Jonas as evidence for global warming, and yet unsurprisingly they are [Think Progress] and will continue to do so because they care more about their power, prestige, and being right, then the truth.

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- Uchiha22
Creator & Founder