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Daring Cruz Challenge, Revealing Astonishing Truth about Trump

In a rare and daring move Ted Cruz in an official letter to Donald Trump last night, formally invited and challenged the current front runner in the Republican Primary to a one on one debate. The purpose being so that the people of Iowa have a chance to "hear jointly and directly from the two leading Republican candidates so that they may contrast our positions on the critical issues we face as a nation as they make their final choice leading up to Monday's caucuses."  Yet, with Trump's decision to decline the invitation following his decision earlier this week to not appear in the final nationally televised debate hosted by Fox before the Iowa Caucuses this Monday. Trump appears to be determined to shoot himself in the foot and lose Iowa, a loss that could greatly inhibit his chances at winning the nomination. Leading many to question, why?

Since not only is Ted Cruz offering Donald Trump a chance to have his voice heard by the Iowa and American people one last time before Iowa goes to the polls to vote, an opportunity forfeited earlier in the week by Trump by declining to appear in tonight's debate, but as Donald Trump himself keeps stating he is going to out perform even the polls that show him leading in Iowa. So what's the risk?

I have heard some political pundits say that the reason Trump will not debate Cruz one on one is because he believes that he has a sure lead and so there is no reason to risk the slender chance of Ted Cruz defeating him on the debate stage or even worse, Trump defeating himself. However, with the backlash and negative reaction received from Iowan's and nation wide in response to Trump's decision to drop out of tonight's debate, including from several of Trump's supporters many of which took to social media and Twitter begging Trump to reconsider. Having the opportunity to appear on a debate stage one last time in front of the people of Iowa and the American people, and thus exercise a measure of damage control just by appearing. Certainly is far more beneficial to Trump's campaign, and far outweighs even the slightest risk that he will lose the debate with Cruz. Especially if Trump is indeed certain that he will perform even better in Iowa and across the nation than the current polls indicate.

So again, why won't Donald Trump debate Ted Cruz one on one?

I believe that the answer lies in the fact that despite the rhetoric, Trump knows that he is in trouble as elections in both Iowa and across the nation near. Since as many political pundits have pointed out, including Donald Trump who so infamously put it this way "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot people and I wouldn't lose voters." Donald Trump appears, at least up until this point, to be the most Teflon candidate ever to run for political office in American history.

However, I think that both Trump and Cruz know that as the actual elections draw closer and people begin to look at the candidates' records and what they have done in the past six months or so, Donald Trump is no longer going to be known as the most Teflon candidate to ever run for public office in American history, but instead will be known as one of the slimiest and policy deficient candidates to ever run.

Thus, by Ted Cruz challenging Donald Trump to one last debate before the people of Iowa vote and Donald Trump subsequently declining the invitation. This is evidence of the astonishing truth that despite the polls, which are rarely accurate anyway, Cruz has a real shot at winning the nomination and Trump is in very hot water.

Yet, this is not the only evidence available to us to suggest that this is the case. Whereas Ted Cruz has consistently risen above the mud slinging and like a true Presidential candidate continued to steadily and with great determination speak to the American people about the solutions to the countries various problems. Donald Trump in his signature style has never once debated Ted Cruz on the issues and matters of policy, and instead has restrained himself to personal attacks and despicable underhandedness, even politicizing one of the greatest tragedies in American history 9/11, in order to win. In fact, so divisive and intense have been Trump's personal attacks against Cruz, that it was even brought up as a question by the moderators during the last nationally televised Republican Primary debate. As they wanted to know why Trump was now personally attacking Cruz so vehemently?

An answer that was once thought to be a simple as "well he's doing a little bit better now in the polls," but now thanks to Ted Cruz's daring challenge to Trump, the astonishing truth is being revealed. That despite leading for so long and by such large margins in the polls, Trump knows that he is on the verge of losing the nomination, and Ted Cruz can sense it.

This is why Cruz decided to issue the daring and rare challenge that he did yesterday, in the hopes that by Donald Trump accepting Cruz will be given the opportunity to reveal the truth about Trump and in doing so firmly secure the nomination. An opportunity denied to the fearless Cruz earlier this week by Trump's decision not to act Presidential and appear in tonight's debate. Instead, deciding to to hide like a coward in the hopes that it will insulate him against the rising tide that is beginning to form against Trump in both Iowa and across the nation. As voters begin to ever more intently educate themselves and learn the astonishing truth that is being revealed about the most Teflon candidate to ever run for public office, Donald J. Trump.

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