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A Thinking Aboot It, Reboot

~ A Parallel Too High, Think Aboot It ~

Hello all, I hope that you haven't missed me too much. It's been a very fascinating time the past two years both for myself personally and for our country and world. A lot has changed, including meeting the love of my life and getting married, the world being brought to the brink of a possible World War 3, and to perhaps an era and time in which we will witness the last free election in the history of the United States of America. Yet, despite all of this I am both privileged and thrilled to be able to once again blog and exercise my first amendment rights. This time with a little more wisdom and humility and a much more focused agenda, for I truly believe that the republic, that great shining city on a hill that represents man's last great hope on earth is at stake in this era of history. So I can no longer ignore the passion that Christ has given me to speak the truth to as many people as possible in the hopes of sparking debate and finding a way to restore our country to greatness.  

This is why I am doing away with the every day posts "This day in History" and instead will focus specifically on the politics here in North America and seek out the truth in these troubling times. I hope that you will also exercise your first amendment right as well and read me, share me, agree with me, and respectively disagree with me.

I am back, we're back... Think Aboot It

- Uchiha22
Creator & Founder