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Presidential Revolutionary, Attacks Families in Iowa

Presidential Revolutionary Candidate Bernie Sanders Tragedy struck at a Bernie Sanders' campaign rally in Iowa yesterday, as presidential revolutionary candidate Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist revolutionary who directly aided America's communist revolutionary enemies during the Cold War, took the stage to launch a devastating stabbing tirade against not only every child's right to life, but the sanctity of all American families. LISTEN HERE  Yet, what was revealed by this attack about the true intentions of Socialist Bernie Sanders is even more shocking.

Genuine Ted Cruz and Bold Russia, Launching Time Machine

Friday's headlines were anything but slow, between the Republican Primary debate yesterday and Russia's actions on the world stage it's hard to keep up with it all. So with most of it already being covered from every angle, I thought that I would offer a unique perspective on something that may have been overlooked from this weeks events. Namely, that on Thursday and Friday this week we learned that Republican Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, and enigmatic leader of Russia Vladimir Putin share a similar vision for the future of America, Russia, and the world. It seems that both intend to cooperate in a joint effort between the two nations to build and launch the world's first time machine. Theoretically impossible? Sure. Soon to be reality? Sure seems like it.

Daring Cruz Challenge, Revealing Astonishing Truth about Trump

In a rare and daring move Ted Cruz in an official letter to Donald Trump last night, formally invited and challenged the current front runner in the Republican Primary to a one on one debate. The purpose being so that the people of Iowa have a chance to "hear jointly and directly from the two leading Republican candidates so that they may contrast our positions on the critical issues we face as a nation as they make their final choice leading up to Monday's caucuses."  Yet, with Trump's decision to decline the invitation following his decision earlier this week to not appear in the final nationally televised debate hosted by Fox before the Iowa Caucuses this Monday. Trump appears to be determined to shoot himself in the foot and lose Iowa, a loss that could greatly inhibit his chances at winning the nomination. Leading many to question, why?

The World's Richest Cry Baby: Donald Trump

Today in both  a personal video  and moments ago in an official statement released by Trump's campaign, the people of Iowa learned that the current front runner in the Republican Primary will not be appearing in the final debate before the Iowa Caucuses this upcoming Tuesday. The reason, because Donald Trump is the richest cry baby in the entire world and can't stand Megyn Kelly for daring to take off the kid gloves and be tough with him.

Glenn Beck vs. Sarah Palin

It came as a surprise to many when Glenn Beck at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire Saturday gave not only his very first endorsement to a politician by endorsing Ted Cruz, but also gave Ted Cruz one of Beck's and the nation's most treasured possessions, George Washington's compass. Demonstrating that not only was Beck lending his name and support to Cruz, but that he is willing to fight alongside Cruz in the trenches as the Republican Primary continues to approach the crucial first votes of the Iowa Caucasus. Yet, with conservative/libertarian Glenn Beck endorsing Ted Cruz and fellow conservative Sarah Palin earlier in the week endorsing the other front runner in the Republican primary, Donald Trump. It poses a series of interesting questions for members of the Republican Party.

The Solution to Winter Storm Jonas

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those now caught in the icy grip of Winter Storm Jonas, we hope everyone is indoors and safely keeping warm. However, unlike President Obama and the left that scolded you all week that this was your fault for causing man made global warming [ HERE ]. I thought it would be more appropriate to offer you a solution to your problems, to make you laugh instead of cry while you are stuck indoors this weekend. Just imagine the possibilities if this was real, then none of us would be stuck indoors this weekend. - Uchiha22 Creator and Founder

EPA: "You can't mistake a weather event for the climate"

Snowfall Estimates - Winter Storm Jonas So as we all know the north east is supposed to be hit hard by Winter Storm Jonas this weekend, and while all of us hope and pray for the safety of all those who may be effected by this massive storm. It is important to note that the media instead of focusing on equipping you the people with news about the election or about other world affairs that directly impact our lives, or with information that would enable you to know how to survive such a storm, we are once again scolded like children as the media reminds us that once again this is all our fault. After all, as the President reminded us in his State of the Union Address a couple of weeks ago, man made global warming, not ISIS, is the most serious threat to our national existence, and we as Americans are the most responsible for this phenomenon, one that over 80% of the nation after thinking aboot it dismisses as a fairy tale.

A Thinking Aboot It, Reboot

~ A Parallel Too High, Think Aboot It ~ Hello all, I hope that you haven't missed me too much. It's been a very fascinating time the past two years both for myself personally and for our country and world. A lot has changed, including meeting the love of my life and getting married, the world being brought to the brink of a possible World War 3, and to perhaps an era and time in which we will witness the last free election in the history of the United States of America. Yet, despite all of this I am both privileged and thrilled to be able to once again blog and exercise my first amendment rights. This time with a little more wisdom and humility and a much more focused agenda, for I truly believe that the republic, that great shining city on a hill that represents man's last great hope on earth is at stake in this era of history. So I can no longer ignore the passion that Christ has given me to speak the truth to as many people as possible in the hopes of sparking debat