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Seahawks 43 - Broncos 8 - Superbowl XLVIII - (On This Day in History - February 2, 2014)

Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos 43 to 8 at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford New Jersey to win Superbowl XLVIII.

Norman Rockwell's Four Freedoms
On this day in America in 1863, writer Samuel Clemens adopted the name Mark Twain for the first time. Also on this day in America in 1964, the first G.I. Joe action figures went on sale from Hasbro. Also on this day in America in 1811, abolitionist and founder of the New York Tribune, Horace Greeley was born in Amherst, New Hampshire. Also on this day in American history in 1821, the first woman to receive an MD from a United States medical school, Elizabeth Blackwell was born in Bristol, England. Also on this day in America in 1894, world famous painter and illustrator, Norman Rockwell was born in New York City. Lastly on this day in America in 1887, the ground hog made its first weather prediction in Pennsylvania; as Pennsylvania settlers traded their traditional European hedgehog for the North American groundhog.

Charles Edward Saunders
On this day in Canada in 1942, the federal government declares western British Columbia a 'protected area' under wartime regulations, and orders Japanese nationals to move inland for security reasons. However within weeks the government includes second and third generation Japanese Canadians under the edict; treating them like aliens and depriving them of their property. Also on this day in Canada in 1867, the inventor of Marquis wheat, a frost resistant strain of wheat that allowed Canadian farmers to grow wheat in places throughout the prairies it had never grown before allowing for the settlement of the Canadian West, Charles Edward Saunders was born in London, Ontario.

"A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."
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