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Unemployment Insurance Benefits, the Truth behind the Lie

An interesting dynamic is developing and revealing itself during these initial debates between the Democrats and Republicans over the extension of unemployment insurance benefits. However, sadly for the nation and unfortunately for the Democrats, it is not a good one.

Since with the Democrats advocating that with unemployment still sitting at over 7%; which balloons to over 12% when you consider those who have given up looking for work, though if you look at the labor participation rate it is more like 20%; the need for unemployment insurance benefits is especially crucial at this time. Yet, by doing so they are admitting that four years into a recovery, during two of which they held a majority in the House and Senate and were led by President Obama, who has spent every waking moment, with the exception of pushing through Obamacare, working on improving the economy; that they have failed to improve the economic conditions of the nation.

Meaning that despite four years of socialism under President Obama, which was supposed to fix everything remember; not only, as Harry Reid pointed out yesterday, are things getting worse as "the rich get richer, the poor get poorer... and the middle class is being squeezed out of existence," but as all the Democrats are now arguing, not only do we need to raise the minimum wage for wages have not kept up with the cost of living thanks to Obama's printing press, aka the Fed; but things are now so bad, not thanks to President Bush but President Obama, that unemployment insurance benefits must be considered not simply as a temporary last resort but as a entitlement to fall back on and support you.

Since just as unemployment insurance benefits were started back in 2008 under President Obama and were supposed to have ended roughly four years ago, we know that if they are approved once more the Democrats will simply continue to extend them indefinitely. A state of affairs, that as Charles Krauthammer, or as we affectionately refer to him, as the K-Hammer so eloquently put it: that just as when you subsidize apples you get more apples, so too when you go about subsidizing unemployment, as the studies show, you get more unemployment.

And as I'm sure every American would agree, going into greater debt and obligation owed to the Chinese, especially at a time when the Chinese are flexing their muscles and challenging our rule in the Pacific, in order to pay for and create more unemployment is just stupidity. Since despite what the Left says, the Democrats don't simply need to find 6.5 billion in the budget to pay for the unemployment benefits they are seeking, but given that we have close to a 1 trillion dollar budget deficit, they need to come up with another 1 trillion on top of that.

Thus, while no American should celebrate the mess and the pain that the Democrats have caused, and seem to cause just about every time they are elected to power, it is a great educational moment for us the American people to seize. In order to not only highlight the ineffectual and evil nature of socialism, Progressivism, Marxism, and their adherents, but also to demonstrate the ineffectual leadership of President Obama and the Democrats right before key 2014 Senate and House elections.