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The Duplicity of the Wright

Yesterday in Chicago Rev. Jeremiah Wright, one of the premier proponents of the social-gospel and the left's brand of social justice, and the one famous for making President Obama sweat during the 2008 elections, delivered another contentious speech at a breakfast co-hosted by the Chicago Teacher's Union. Yet, while you would think that calling President Lincoln, the one who sent hundreds of the thousands of white boys to die to end slavery during the Civil War, a racist would be the most fiery and intriguing comments from the speech, but no.

The most intriguing part of the speech was when Rev. Wright turned his attention to President Obama, not to praise the man Wright once viewed like a son, but to disdain him for his warring ways. Stating that while Martin Luther King Jr. said "I have a dream," Barack said "I have a drone;" while continuing by asserting that the President has a "kill list" and that "every Tuesday he decides who they're going to kill this week."

Yet, while the fact that Rev. Wright had nothing positive to say about the President he once regarded as a son may not be news in and of itself, since things have been frosty between them ever since Obama distanced himself from his second father after the 2008 elections; the reason given by the Reverend, for why Obama does these things, is newsworthy.

Since either Rev. Wright has just divulged, the duplicity of the left, or the problem at the heart of the left's big government dream. Since according to the Reverend when George W. Bush was President the buck stopped with him, which is why he was responsible for everything that happened under his watch, which is why Bush was such a horrible President. Yet, since President Obama has assumed the office it has become obvious to the Reverend that the buck doesn't stop with the President, stating instead of the President, "that's not the man of peace that you just talked about, that's a man controlled by government."

Meaning that either Rev. Wright has revealed the duplicity of the Left and is attempting to state that when a Republican is President he/she is responsible for everything that occurs under his/her watch, while when a Democrat is in power he/she cannot be held responsible as Commander in Chief for everything that occurs on the battlefields around the world, even when they are the ones giving the direct order to the military who they are to kill each week; OR; Rev. Wright has just put forth the not so groundbreaking idea that government is a monster that turns even the most good men into monsters against their will.

So which is it Rev. Wright, is government a monster that perverts everything it touches to the point that it even turns men against their own nature and will, or is the left made up of hypocrites and monsters in and of themselves?

- Uchiha22
Creator & Founder