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The Bear, The Eagle, and the People of the Crescent Moon

A story that seems to have been largely ignored on the web so far this week despite its destructive and sinister nature were the two Islamic Extremist terrorist suicide bombings that occurred on Sunday and Monday in Volgograd, Russia to ring in the New Year; killing at least 38. Especially, when upon closer inspection, there are some significant characteristics about these two stories that highlight interesting dynamics, about and between the Bear, the Eagle and the people of the Crescent Moon.

This is because with the ringing in of the New Year comes the annual address by the President of Russia to his people. However, while this year's address was marked by the normal affair of pleas to brotherhood and Russian co-operation and unity, it also ended on a very somber and unique note, as Putin gave an address to the people in which the Bear vowed to not, as the Eagle has done in Afghanistan and Iraq much to the deep pain of Iraqi Christians, merely cripple Islamic Terrorists groups into submission; but to completely annihilate them all together.

Since the Bear seems to understand, unlike the Eagle, the deep hatred and evil that is in these men's hearts beyond simply being misunderstood, poor, oppressed, or having a conflict in vision; though neither of these things justifies terrorist attacks against civilians either. An evil that is found in the Islamic religion and that is highlighted in these latest bombings, not just in their very nature, but also in the story of the second attacks perpetrator; a man by the name of Pavel Pechyonkin, known by the people of the crescent moon as Ansar al-Rusi.

Since Pavel Pechyonkin only a year before his now most infamous act was once a brave paramedic with one of the local ambulance services in Volgograd; someone who would have rushed onto the scene and saved lives instead of taking them. However, after joining the religion of Islam a little over a year ago, his demeanor quickly changed and he quit his job as a paramedic to join up with the local Islamic Extremist militant group. A decision that was irreversible, as if now that this paramedic, who had once devoted his life to saving other people's, had given into Islam; the religions evil grip could not be shaken from his life and he had no other choice but to become a terrorist. Since even despite two pleas of desperation from his parents to return home, one in March and the other just this past September, Pechyonkin refused to go anywhere, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Yet, as much evil as is present in both the nature of Islam and the nature of the acts themselves, that is clearly demonstrated through the stories of these two tragedies, the people of the Crescent Moon are smart. Since unlike when they mess with the Eagle, who they now know they can poke and prod for the Eagle out of its naivety does not fight with his full strength and grows weary and bored of the battle after a while, they know that after poking the Bear they better lay low; which is why no Islamic terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the attacks as of yet. Since the people of the crescent moon know clearly that the Bear will seek out those who attack and kill her cubs, and that Putin is currently on the prowl, ever seeking the fight to the death in order to avenge the lives of his people.

Moreover, the people of the crescent moon know, that now that they have woken the Bear, if they wish to continue their death cult's highest calling they must be careful and remain as hidden as possible. Since their true target, as I'm sure the Bear knows, is the Winter Olympics at Sochi. With Sochi being located a mere 425 miles south-west of Volgograd; and about the same distance directly West of the Islamic Terrorist's homeland in the North Caucuses mountains. In the Russian province of Chechnya, long-time hotbed for some of the most brutal Islamic warriors to ever be bred by the people of the crescent moon; including Boston Marathon terrorist bombers Tamerlan Tsarnaev (deceased) and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (in custody).

Since if the warriors of the people of the crescent moon could hit Sochi, not only would it give them infamy and clout on the world stage, but it would re-ignite, especially with Obama in office given the way he always sides with the people over the rulers no matter the consequences or circumstances (ex. The Arab Spring and Syria), the international debate over the right of the Chechen people to independence from Russia. Bringing the Bear and the Eagle once more into unnecessary conflict, and diverting both's attention away from their true and common foe, the Islamic terrorist, and towards each other; just like over Syria in September of 2013.

In conclusion, these two tragic events that occurred in Russia this Sunday and Monday are highly significant. Since not only do they highlight the immense and powerful evil that if found within the religion of Islam itself and within the hearts of Islamic extremists; but they also highlight the difference in strength and respect owed to the Bear as opposed to the Eagle. And perhaps most dangerous of all, they highlight  how easily it might be, with Obama in office, to get away with all of it and leaving nothing but destruction and fear, fade back into the background while the Eagle and Bear go at each other.