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On This Day in History - January 6, 2014

On this day in American history in 1942, American based Pan-American Airways completed the world's first ever round the world commercial flight. Also on this day in America in 1838, Samual Morse demonstrated his telegraph system for the first time at the Speedwell Iron Works in Morristown, New Jersey; effectively revolutionizing communication through the use of Morse code for the next 40 years, that was until the invention of the telephone in the 1870's.

On this day in Canada in 1920, Progressivism takes root in Canada only a decade after taking root in America, as the Ontario and Prairie farmers' organization gathers to establish the National Progressive Party; electing 65 members to Parliament in the election of December, 1921. Also on this day in Canada in 1643, the nations founding as a Christian one is demonstrated as Paul de Chomedy and Sieur de Maissonneuve plant a cross at Ville Marie to offer thanks to God for saving the community from flooding. Lastly on this day in Canada in 1786, the first sitting of the New Brunswick legislature takes place in St. John.

"A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."
                                                                                                                      - Marcus Garvey
- Uchiha22
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