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On This Day in History - January 29, 2014

On this day in America in 1845, the New York Evening Mirror published Edgar Alan Poe's world famous poem, The Raven. Also on this day in American history in 1891, Lili'uokalani became Queen of Hawaii, and would be the last monarch to rule the Kingdom of Hawaii with her overthrow in 1893. Also on this day in America in 1843, the 25th President of the United States, William McKinley was born in Niles, Ohio. Also on this day in America in 1990, Joseph Hazelwood went on trial for his role as Captain of the oil tanker Exon Valdez, which had crashed into Prince William Sound's Bligh Reef in Alaska, resulting in the largest oil spill in American history. Also on this day in 1737, one of the greatest essayists of the American Revolution, patriot, and author of the most influential pamphlet, Common Sense, which first laid out the systematic reasoning behind America needing to gain its independence, Thomas Paine was born in Thetford, England. Lastly on this day in America in 1936, the United States Baseball Hall of Fame inducted its first five members, which included Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson, Walter Johnson, and Babe Ruth.

On this day in Canadian history in 1946, the world famous Canadian racing schooner who could not be beat, Bluenose, sinks after striking a reef of the coast of Haiti. Also on this day in Canada in 1901, business man, and owner of the finest breeding stable in all of North America, Windfields Farm Stables, which bred 15 Queen's Plate winners including Northern Dancer and Nijinsky, Edward Plunkett Taylor was born in Ottawa, Ontario. Lastly on this day in Canada in 1897, Ishbel, Lady Aberdeen, wife of the Governor General of Canada, helps found the Victorian Order of Nurses at the request of the National Council of Women; with the name chosen to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

"A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."
                                                                                                                      - Marcus Garvey
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