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On This Day in History - January 28, 2014

On this day in America in 1915, Congress created the Coast Guard as the fifth branch of the Armed Forces. Also on this day in American history in 1973, United States' involvement in Vietnam officially came to a close, as the Paris Peace Accords went into effect; with Henry Kissinger winning the Nobel Peace Prize for having negotiated the settlement. Lastly on this day in America in 1986, NASA's space shuttle Challenger exploded after only 73 seconds of flight, killing all seven crew members.    

Canadian Nile Voyageurs
On this day in Canadian history in 1980, Kenneth Taylor, Canada's Ambassador to Iran, from the Canadian Embassy in Tehran, engineers the escape of 6 U.S. diplomats who had fled to the Canadian Embassy after the American Embassy had been overrun and 66 American hostages taken on November 22, 1979 during the Iranian Revolution. Also on this day in Canadian history in 1822, Canada's second Prime Minister, Alexander Mackenzie was born in Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland. Also on this day in Canadian history in 1807, Royal Navy Officer, Arctic Explorer, and the first man to complete the crossing of the Northwest Passage (1850-54) by navigating the Arctic waterway linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Robert McClure was born in Wexford, Ireland. Lastly on this day in Canadian History in 1885, Canada's first overseas military expedition took place as Frederick Charles Denison arrived at Khartoum with his Canadian Nile Voyageurs too late to rescue British General Charles Gordon.

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