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New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo Said What!?!

Over the weekend an interesting audio clip surfaced of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, speaking ill of certain people within society. Namely those of us who adhere to the Constitution, and who applaud and understand the founding father's and what they were trying to accomplish in America. Those of us who cling to our God and our guns, just as the founder's did when the British colonial government was attempting to enslave them. Yet, while this comment is perhaps nothing new in the trenches that is the political war of words between the Left and the Right, it does serve to highlight and interesting dynamic emerging between states and between Americans.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo's Comments:


Remember the good old days when America stood for God, stood for Capitalism and stood for freedom, while the USSR, which stood for atheism, communism/socialism, and authoritarian oppression was crumbling into the ash heap of history? Well fast forward a little over 20 years later, and those of us who stand for God, stand for a child's right to life, stand for freedom, stand for capitalism, are being told that we have no place in one of the largest, greatest, and most influential states in America, New York. With Governor Cuomo stating that it is only those conservatives that agree with the extreme Left, the Democrat Party, and thus are Democrats themselves that are welcome in the state.

Yet, to be fair the real horrendous part of this clip is not that Governor Andrew Cuomo believes differently then we do, regarding the correct path for America, it is the notion that those who disagree with him aren't just extremists, since the right has said that about the left for years (though it should be noted that it is because the left has a strong tendency within its ideology for violence and violent revolutions), but that the right shouldn't even be walking the streets of New York State. Not because they are going to do anything to you, but simply because they believe differently than you do. In other words Andrew Cuomo has begun to establish the first principle needed for any totalitarian state to flourish amongst a group of people, in this case the people of New York State. Namely, that anyone who disagrees with you is not even human and thus is not simply not worth your respect and/or time, but they don't even have the right to exercise and enjoy the same rights that you do.


This is the essential difference between the Right and the Left, for while the Right has certainly said worse about their opponents on the Left, it is always the big government Left that puts forth the idea that if you disagree, you must be shut up, one way or another. While the Right, no matter how much we might hate your guts, believes in the strengths and merits of our own arguments and principles, and thus does not feel threatened by those on the Left who disagree with us. Moreover, our own principles demand that we allow the other side to speak, for in order to have small government we must have unregulated freedom of speech, even hate speech; which is another key difference between the Right and the Left.

Yet, while this difference is highlighted quite nicely by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo's comments, it is a difference that has very dangerous consequences and thus is surprisingly highlighted so nicely by Governor Cuomo. Since the glue that has always held the 50 states together under one union is our collective belief in freedom, not similarity of religion, tradition, history etc. (though the last one helps), but our belief in freedom. Thus when you have a Governor like Andrew Cuomo who is putting forth the idea that there are some in society who are undeserving of freedom based on the fact that they hold beliefs that conflict with the government, you have a state that no longer adheres to the principle of freedom, and thus threatens the solvency of the union.


In conclusion, while the use of the extremist label is not anything new in the war of words between the Right and Left, the concept of totalitarianism that is found in Andrew Cuomo's comments is quite unique and thus vital to be understood. Since these comments not only highlight the difference between Right and Left when it comes to dealing with dissenters, but the growing difference between states that still believe in the Constitution and the Founders principle of Maximum Freedom with Maximum Responsibility, and the states that believe in the Communist Manifesto and Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. A difference that whether anyone wants to admit it or not, needs to seriously be addressed if the solvency of the union is to be maintained.

- Uchiha22
Creator & Founder