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Hilary Clinton... Like a Ninja!

Ninjas were some of the best assassins in the world, always remembering their targets and striking with deadly force when the opportunity was ripe for the picking. That is why when word came earlier this week of reports of Hilary Clinton keeping a secret list of traitors and enemies to be punished when she takes the Presidency in 2016, I thought this would be an open an shut case with the conservative media, heck even the liberal media, since even they seem to be coming around lately. However, after listening to Megyn Kelly from Fox New's new show The Kelly File speak about it, I had to write on this.

Listen, despite what Mrs. Kelly thinks, while one may be miffed that in the world of politics, when you scratched someone's back, they didn't scratch yours back when you were up for election. The idea of keeping a list since 2008 of enemies and traitors that you will punish as soon as the opportunity arises, just like a ninja, is just plain inappropriate for any person wanting to be the President of the most powerful nation in the world. I mean if Hilary is this vindictive when it comes to people not paying her back for political favours, then watch out world, things are about to get really messy out there once she becomes Commander in Chief.

Not only that, but the fact that Hilary had to keep a list of names and the various crimes associated with them, means that they obviously weren't all that important. Since for most people, if someone has wronged us to the point that we will hold grudges for years against them, we remember quite fine both who it was that crossed us and what their crime was. Though I do suppose taking the time and using up the effort to make such an exhaustive list for the archive, shows a deeper level of vindictiveness and commitment than having no list at all. I'll leave you to decide on that for yourself.

Yet, what really got my goat, was when Mrs. Kelly attempted to explain to the American people, that this is American, that Hilary is still a fine candidate for the Presidency with this type of behavior. Since as Kelly said, "I'd be mad too if I raised money for someone and then they didn't vote for me when they had the chance, I think I'd keep a list as well."

First of all, the Presidency is for governing the nation, not for personal gratification; and while it is true that every President to some extent or another, has violated this simple principle, that does not mean that we should simply accept it as normal. It is flat out not okay, for the person who represents us, who is a role model for our children, to be doing these things and using the office of the president in such a manner.

Secondly, just as Hilary Clinton was free to choose to raise money for those candidates or not, while it is a custom within the world of politics that they supporter her in return when she needs favors, as Will Wheaton famously said "its a custom... not a rule." So just as Hilary should have been supporting the candidate she thought was best in each election in which she helped raise money for people, keeping in mind the good of America as any Presidential candidate worth their salt would do, instead of doing it with the aim of getting the person with the most political clout to do her a political favor later on in return. So too should these various quote on quote traitors and enemies of Hilary, do the same; and unfortunately for her in the 2008 Democrat Party election cycle for the next Presidential Candidate, they decided Obama was the better candidate for America.

In conclusion, because this revelation not only shows what a petty person Hilary Clinton really is, which alone should disqualify her from the Presidency, but also shows that just like President Obama right now with the IRS investigation and Barbara Bosserman, that Hilary will put her own political fortunes over the good of the nation, this matter should not be passed over without comment. Instead just like Bridgegate, it should be heavily debated and taken seriously, and seen for what it truly is, an automatic disqualification from Hilary running as head of the Democrat Party for the presidency in 2016.