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Greed, Greed, Greed... Is it Safe to Run On!?!

As you may have heard, in our society today, being a pure anti-government free-market capitalist is nearly akin to being a Nazi, as far as the way one will be treated if they were. Why? because of our apparent greed. Yet, as Milton Friedman so adequately and deftly explains in less than 2 minutes, history has taught us that greed is the name of the game, it is inescapable. Moreover, history has taught us, that despite what we in society think today, political self-interest is the worst kind of greed imaginable; and that only under a capitalist system where the common man is free to pursue his own self-interest out of greed, that the great advancements of the ages have come and will continue to come. While under the systems that protect and expand political self-interest (communism, socialism, fascism, authoritarianism) greed is not only palpable, it is so great that is has led to the greatest setbacks and tragedies of history and will continue to lead to many more as long as they exist.

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