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Governor Chris Christie Headlines, A Good Thing?

"By the Power of Hugs, I hereby Screw You" - Chris Christie
Many of us who are not attached to any political party and who are truly conservative or libertarian, and believe as the founders did that small government is the best government, that as George Washington believed political parties will destroy this nation, and know that the Republican party has become a doppelganger of the Democrat Party, should rejoice. Since one of the leading progressive candidates for the Republican nomination for President in 2016 is making headlines and the wrong kind too.

Since as recently published emails demonstrate, Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie is a petty man who will do anything to destroy or hurt his opponents, even if that means hurting the people. Since these emails link Governor Chris Christie and his office to a controversial decision made back in the fall of 2013, to inexplicably close lanes at George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee, New Jersey for four days. Why? All so that Governor Chris Christie could punish the people of New Jersey in the hopes that they might turn on their Mayor Mark Sokolich, after Mayor Sokolich refused to endorse Governor Christie for re-election last November.

With one email published in the New York Times, sent from Governor Christie's deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly, two weeks prior to the incident, to one of Governor Christie's top confidants who just recently resigned from the Port Authority after the incident, David Wildstein; which reads: "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee."

Thus, while the Democrats in New Jersey are rejoicing at these latest findings implicating Governor Chris Christie and his own pettiness as the real reason behind the lane closures, not as was stated back in September during the incident, a Port Authority traffic study; since they are looking forward to the day when Democrats once again rule without question in New Jersey. I say that we as conservatives and libertarians, who equally dislike the Republican party establishment and such downright political underhandedness, should rejoice with them.

Since the more that Governor Chris Christie is able to demonstrate to the American people his own faults and his own unworthiness to be President in 2016, the better. Since it means one less progressive Republican candidate in the running, meaning that the chances of the Republican party once more returning to its roots and the people being able to elect another truly conservative Republican as the Republican Party's Presidential nominee in 2016, which hasn't occurred since 1980 with the emergence of Ronaldus Magnus, is ever increased.