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GOProud Founder Leaves the Republican Party Over Bigotry

If you aren't sure what GOProud is, it is organization associated with the Republican Party that was founded by Jimmy LaSalvia, a lifelong Republican and gay man, who wanted to create within the establishment a more conservative and mainstream alternative to the Log Cabin Republicans. Yet, now Jimmy LaSalvia is not only disassociating himself from the organization that he founded, but he is also leaving the Republican party altogether and registering as an independent. Yet, why is even more intriguing?

Since Jimmy LaSalvia cites two reasons for leaving, stating "I just don't agree with the big-government 'conservatives' who run the party now" and "the other reason I am leaving is the tolerance of bigotry in the GOP." Two reasons potent enough in and of themselves to justify LaSalvia's decision, but together weave a very interesting story.

Since not only is LaSalvia leaving because like many people across the nation they feel betrayed by the Republican Party establishment and feel that they are no longer represented by either party in the political arena, with a new gallup poll recently stating that 40% of Americans reject both major political parties; but also because the level of bigotry within the Republican Party has risen to such a level that he no longer feels comfortable or welcome there as a member of a minority.

Yet, before the progressives, communists, socialists and Democrats all start jumping up and down and salivating in excitement that they were right all along, Republicans are the dumbest small government hicks, racists and discriminators on this side of the planet if not the world, and before they begin to run with that. Let us make a closer examination of this story.

Since upon closer inspection you will see that the two reasons are related, meaning that real conservatives and libertarians have left the Republican Party long ago, the same Republican Party that LaSalvia is currently leaving over his political disagreements with them and the recent increase in their bigotry.  So who in fact is he leaving behind and blaming for the bigotry, not conservatives and libertarians, but in fact the ones who have taken control of the party's establishment, the big government conservatives, aka the socialists, the communists, and the ancestors of those who broke away from the Republican Party in 1912 to form the Progressive Party under the leadership of Republican Theodore Roosevelt, only to return to the fold with the dissolution of the Progressive Party in 1916.

Thus, while the Left will most certainly want to spin this story as a case proving how hateful conservatives and libertarians are. Upon closer inspection it is clear, that this is simply not the case, and that the ones responsible for the increase in bigotry are their own big-government kind, the ones that as they point their finger at us for the bigotry, have three fingers pointing back at them.