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Gates Pulls the Mask off Obama, Part 2 of 2

As was mentioned in Part 1 of this series, revelations from Robert Gates new book Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War, have once again removed the mask that acts as a facade to hide the true President Obama, the Marxist. Yet, these same revelations also achieve another significant thing, in that they explain the direction that Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama have decided to take in response to the rise of Al-Qaeda and the fall of Fallujah in central Iraq.

Since, the revelations by Robert Gates, make clear why Obama, despite strong urgings from the Joint Cheifs of Staff to leave 20-30,000 troops in Iraq in order to continue to train Iraqi troops and establish an Iraqi air force to enable Iraq to act as a proper counterweight in the region to Iran, Obama decided against it. With information suggesting that Obama's response to the idea was to leave 3,000 troops behind if any. A tiny number that would have meant little progress in training the Iraqi's, since with such a small number those deployed would have been in grave danger, and the troops would have certainly spent a vast majority of their time fighting and protecting themselves from Al-Qaeda attacks.

Moreover, given that these revelations from Robert Gates clearly demonstrate President Obama had only his own political gains, that would have come by pulling out as fast and as soon as possible in both Iraq and Afghanistan, in mind when making life or death decisions for our troops in Afghanistan and when it came to America's national security. It is even less surprising that today, despite urgings from both the Joint Cheifs of Staff and the Iraqi Ambassador to America to do more, that Obama has effectively decided to break faith with Iraqi veterans, which many veterans aren't happy about, and let hard won Fallujah fall once more into the hands of Al-Qaeda without doing anything.

Once again pulling off the mask of moderate Obama, to reveal the true marxist underneath. A marxist President who views the War on Terror as an unjust war, fought by soldiers who in his eyes are just as unworthy as the Left views Veitnam vets, despite lack of evidence, to be. Meaning that not only will he send American soldiers into harms way without believing that they will succeed and thus that they will die in vain, like he did when he gave the orders to deploy in Afghanistan; but he will allow Al-Qaeda (which by the way, the Left for years claimed didn't exist in Iraq but only in Afghanistan, huh weird?) to overrun the city of Fallujah in central Iraq.

A city that is so strategic to the control and stability of Iraq, that it had to be taken by U.S. troops in the toughest way imaginable, fighting door to door, and room to room back in April 2004.

In conclusion, while there can be legitimate debate over whether or not Gates' book should or should not have been published, this in the end is a smoke-screen by the Left, who by the way isn't denying any of Gates' claims, to distract us from the truth. Which is that we have a President Obama currently in office, who cares more about scoring political points with his Leftist base, since at this point they are the only ones who support him, then American soldier's lives and America's long-term security. As is made evident by not only Gate's book, but also by President Obama's lack of leadership on the issue of Fallujah's fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda.

A lack of leadership that is made evident by his administration's hands off approach to the fall of Fallujah, by acting as if the U.S. has no horse in this race and never did (for as Gates notes he is ashamed of the War on Terror), but also by the fact that the President has allowed congress to delay much needed arms and supplies from arriving in Iraq to counter the new insurgency. All despite the President's public belief that the Iraqi government is capable of handling the situation and can be trusted to do so and thus act to protect American security and interests, which is the publicly stated reason why the U.S. does not need to get involved. Though as Robert Gates' book suggests, there are more, at the very least, dangerous, hideous, and hidden reasons behind the President's decision not to get involved.