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What to think of the Ryan - Murray Budget Deal?

With the budget deal that was built by Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.) all but passed, given the bi-partisan support it received in the House and the fact that Democrats still control the senate, the question becomes: what should be made of this budget deal?

It is quite simple really, the budget deal is horrible if you love America, and great if you're into Obama's fundamental transformation plan. The simple truth is, other than supposedly providing certainty in the economy for the next couple of years which as I will argue later is dubious at best, it does not achieve anything else of positive worth. In fact, it eliminates all progress (however limited it might have been) on reducing government spending by raising the budget above the limits established by the sequester. However, while some have pointed out that this is a good thing, given that it will avoid the sequester cuts feared by Republicans regarding the military. It must be mentioned that while this is true, this is not a good thing as some have made it out to be. In fact, as the Pentagon has demonstrated ever since 2008 when it began war-gaming for Total War scenarios on a collapsed US economy budget, there is plenty that can be shifted around and taken out the military budget; a lot more than the sequester cuts that for sure.

Yet, even more troublesome than the fact that it raises taxes to fund the TSA (everyone's favorite government agency) and all the while won't actually save us 64 billion over 10 years, which by the way Mr. Ryan is not something to brag about when we currently have over 17 trillion in debt and over 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities; it removes all leverage that the Republicans had when it came to negotiations for the next two years. Since, with the budget deal, it means that ObamaCare cannot be defunded or halted through the budget, meaning that gaining control of the House and the Senate in 2014 becomes much less impactful.

Something that while Mr. Ryan is trying to spin as a good thing, since the uncertainty will provide greater success for conservatives in the upcoming 2014 elections, it could also become a very negative thing very fast. Since, if the conservatives are elected into office in 2014 because of ObamaCare, which they will be, when the people find out that they can't do anything, the Republican party is going to suffer greatly due to that backlash.

Moreover, with Senator Harry Reid's removal of the nuclear option in Congress when it comes to government nominations back in late November, Republicans will have no means by which to halt liberal nominations to government agencies. Since, without the ability to use the budget as a means by which to negotiate concessions, the Republicans are unable to say or do anything about the nominees.

Yet, as troubling as the results of the budget deal are in the short-term, and thus inexcusable when Conservatives, not Republicans, are about to win the House and Senate in the upcoming 2014 primaries, either by eliminating Republican establishment incumbents or by decimating the Democrats across the nation; even more troubling is the incompetency of the Republican party that this budget deal shows.

This is clear, for ever since the Ryan-Murray budget has been brought to light and passed by the House, with approval from the Senate expected to be given this week before the Christmas break, Mr. Ryan has been out attempting to sell conservative Tea Party voters on this deal. With the number one reason we as Libertarians and true conservatives should like it being, that it avoids another government shutdown, and thus provides certainty for the economy for the next couple of years.

Yet, what Mr. Ryan fails to understand is that with Obama effectively acting as dictator, with his instructions to his underlings at the White House after the latest round of poll numbers for the Democrats and approval numbers for the President came in at record lows, being that they must explore every avenue that is available to the President to circumvent Congress in order to get things done; there is no certainty for businesses anyway. Especially not when ObamaCare is being fully implemented next year for businesses, which will most assuredly result in massive uncertainty given how smoothly Obamacare was fully implemented for individuals this year, within the economy. This is why it was essential that the Republicans maintain their ability to protest and defund ObamaCare through budget negotiations over the next two years.

Moreover, by increasing government spending and adding to our national debt, that creates not just uncertainty for businesses, but also indicates to them that in order to survive they must save instead of invest. Since, with the the national debt being left unchecked the uncertainty of the US dollar remains at an all time high. Yet, as much as a failure as this plan is for those of us who love America and understand her fundamental role in the world, since it neither accomplishes anything that is pro-conservative principles nor accomplishes the so-so things that it promises to deliver, it is an even bigger failure since it was passed, as Mr. Ryan keeps pointing out, in order to avoid another government shutdown.

This is because this fear that the Republicans have of this ever scary boogie man known as a government shutdown, as I wrote about back in October when the so called "crises" was on, is one that if the Republicans truly understood the American people and the Libertarian principles of the founders and the American Constitution, they would understand is irrational. Since, any government shutdown fight they could win hands down. In fact, until the Republicans caved to the fear-mongering of the poll experts, the sentiment amongst the American people during the last government shutdown was that while bad, it was necessary and that the Democrats, who are in control of both the Senate and the Presidency, were the ones who were to blame for it and the ones who were clearly demonstrating themselves as lovers of ideology over country.

This could be seen clearly, for the liberal media, both news and entertainment began to turn on Obama during the shutdown, as did the youth, as did everyone in this country. Yet, the Republicans wouldn't know what to do with victory if it hit them square in the face and God led them by the hand to it, so as always the Republicans listen to the experts instead of trusting in the American people to understand the situation and the truth, and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory; and this time round are admitting defeat and avoiding the fight all together.

Thus, this Ryan-Murray Budget deal, while only two years long, is horrible. With the only good thing to say about it, being: "thank the Lord, it is only two-years long!"