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On This Day in History - December 26, 2013

On this day in America in 1825, the Erie Canal was opened, allowing American access to the Atlantic trade routes from the Great Lakes. Also on this day in America in 1946, Bugsy Seigal opens the Flamingo Hotel, the first modern hotel and casino of its kind in Los Vegas, complete with the iconic modern bright lighting that the Vegas strip has become world famous for.

On this day in Canada in 1791, British PM William Pitt passes the Constitutional Act, diving Quebec along the Ottawa River into Upper (modern day Ontario) and Lower (modern day Quebec) Canada; the act also gave the legislatures of the two provinces their first taste of responsible government, since they were now able to pass duties in order to raise revenue. Also on this day in Canadian history in 1942, Canadian escorted convoy ONS-154 leaves Halifax, Nova Scotia with much needed supplies and men for the British war effort at the beginning of WWII, with 32 of the 46 ships arriving safely in Britain on December 30th, an excellent percentage considering the unchecked U-Boat presence Germany possessed in the Atlantic throughout much of the war.

"A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."
                                                                                                                      - Marcus Garvey
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