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Obama's One Sided Love Affair with Iran, Against Israel and America

As we learned late Thursday, the Iranians have developed and acquired a new generation of equipment to enrich Uranium; more specifically a more advanced type of centrifuge that will allow the Iranians to enrich Uranium at a much faster rate than ever before. A development that when combined with Iran's continued resistance against American overtures to allow an inspection of their military facilities despite how much Obama dotes on them, is a clear signal that Iran is developing a nuclear program, not for domestic energy but nuclear weapons.

Yet, while this has been clear from the very beginning and simply clarified now, and despite Israeli official's and American Congress' bi-partisan pleas for the President to get out of bed with Tehran and pass much needed sanctions against the nation to severely slow down and hamper their ability to make headway within their nuclear program, Obama is refusing to do any such thing.

A development that raises an interesting question: why has Obama, despite all the opposition from his allies, both at home and abroad, become so attached to his one-sided love affair with Iran?

The answer I think is a rather simple one. It is not that he is a Muslim or any other such nonsense, that both cooks here at home and Islamic Extremists abroad claim, but I think it is because he has always been a man without principles, or at least not American ones. And he has always viewed pragmatism as the highest good, not morality or in his view any other such nonsense, which is why he openly violates and despises the negative liberties of the Constitution. Since they both limit his power and have set up a world where for him to act pragmatically, as opposed to acting on abstract principles such as liberty, is extremely difficult and it drives him nuts. Which is why I believe him wholeheartedly when he stated, when speaking to La Raza back in July of 2011: "Now I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own... and believe me, right now dealing with congress... the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting."

Thus, just like when Israel first became a nation back in 1948 and the State Department urged President Harry S. Truman not to recognize the state because it would greatly hamper relations across the Middle-East with the other Arab nations, Obama is simply acting in that same pragmatic fashion. Since to him it doesn't matter that Israel is the only civilized, free, democratic nation and force for good in the region. If supporting Israel and Israel's existence is a threat to America's relations with the vast majority of other nations that make up the Middle-East, then it is only pragmatic to support Israel's enemies at a time of a great shift in the balance of the Middle-East. Since being on the right side of that shift for President Obama is most important, and by far more important than acting on abstract principles such as friendship and morality.

A shift that has been underway in the Middle-East ever since the Arab Spring began in full force back in January of 2011, resulting in Islamic Extremism asserting itself and spreading like wild-fire across the region. An important shift that has resulted in the increase and intensity of the desire within every Arab nation to destroy Israel; meaning that the likely-hood of another Middle-East war is great, and as always the likely-hood of Muslim victory likely. Thus, to back a state such as Israel that does not have very much time to live anyway, is nonsensical to this President.

Since for the President, these notions of miracles and God acting to protect the nation of Israel as He has done in the recent past and as the Christians and Jews believe He will always continue to do as long as Israel is faithful, is not something that can be quantified, controlled, and thus for the President counted on. Thus, while the President may in fact as a Christian believe that God has acted many times to protect Israel in the 20th century, though it is extremely unlikely that he does given that leftist churches are riddled with poor and heretical theology, he does not view faith and God's providence as a safe bet.

And thus it is this pragmatism of the Left, I believe, that is the real reason President Obama has distanced himself from Israel during his 5 years in office, and sought out avenues to get in bed with the Muslim factions and nations of the region. Nothing more, nothing less. And this is where the danger lies, since as Americans know and history has taught everyone, such pragmatism is logical but fatal. Since when you ignore abstract principles such as friendship, liberty and morality, you unleash others every time, whether you believe in them or not; most notably dependency, hatred, and evil.

- Uchiha22