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Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

President Obama - Winner of PolitiFact's Lie of the Year Award, 2013

It was confirmed yesterday evening what we all already knew, that the PolitiFact Lie of the Year Award for 2013 goes to none other than the selfie-taking at a funeral, President Obama. That's why it is most unfortunate that PolitiFact has yet to give out another award for Liar of the Year. Since, not only would President Obama win it hands down every year, but after that selfie-incident, he would most likely accept it with glee and rub it in the face of those who lost. So what was the lie? Well, "if you like your plan, you can keep it" of course; which as over 6 million Americans have already learned with tens of millions to come is simply not true.

No matter how many times Obama seeks to divinely mandate it into reality simply because he has spoken:

Yet, as the Left always does, when you are caught in a lie you don't come clean, you double down. Which is why the White House is not only beginning to play shadow games with and to Micky Mouse the numbers of, those who have actually signed up for ObamaCare, especially after the website finally got up and running; but they have begun to tell the American people that by taking away the plan you had, the plan you liked, the plan you wanted, the plan that worked, that they have most graciously come down from on high and bestowed upon you the new freedom of choice.

Since obviously, as Democrat Representative from New Jersey Frank Pallone, so graciously clarified for us the little people Wednesday during the House hearings on ObamaCare...

That when the President said, "if you like your plan," which as poll after poll clearly demonstrates as over 88% of Americans state that they liked their previous insurance coverage, "that you can keep it," the President wasn't suggesting you could keep a plan that only you liked. No, obviously he meant that you could only keep it, if the President and his minions from Washington also liked it. 

Well, first of all, who the Hell are You!!! Over 100,000,000 (one hundred million) Americans had insurance that we all liked, worked, was cheap, gave us financial flexibility and freedom, and just cause you and Obama don't like it, you take it away or will take it away from us under ObamaCare. Again, who the Hell are You!!! Not only are you insinuating that I don't care enough about and that I am too stupid to look after, myself and my family; you are treating me like a child when I am a man. Well, I am sorry Mr. President, Mr. Pallone and all the other Democrat stooges, only a child when reality is hitting them over and over again right across the face, continually lies about it. In fact, scratch that, for even a child knows better than that, for they are humble, honest and curious; only a maniacal person does that.   

That's why when you now have the gaul, after continually lying to our faces and patronizing us, to say that by taking away our health insurance, for these wonderful plans that all include higher deductibles and premiums then my previous plan because they all cover stuff that I don't need and I will never use and that's why I didn't want to pay for them in the first place, that you have given me the blessing of freedom; I simply say anathema!, get away from me evil ones. Since, not only must I have insurance under anti-constitutional ObamaCare, so if you cancel my insurance I don't have a choice but to buy one of your crappy plan, I didn't want your stupid plan in the first place. That's why I had mine for so long, which when I did I had the freedom to change or cancel at anytime at my own discretion.

Yet, I must be too stupid to understand, for I thought you were stupid when you said "in order to save the free-market system we must destroy the free-market system," and "in order to get out of debt, we must get more debt." So I'm sure, based on how well the economy is running and how little debt we have, that you Democrats in Washington know what you're doing. So that when you say "buy taking away your plan by force and forcing you to replace it with one of our financially exuberant crappy insurance plans that you can barely afford; that we have given you freedom, and healthcare at a lower cost," I should just believe you right.

Wake up America! We are living in a world where the powers at be believe themselves to be gods, where they think up is down and down is up simply because they say so, and punish us the little people when we dare to doubt them. Wake up America! Mother Freedom is ringing her bell and only we can answer her call.