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Is There Anything Hamas Won't Do to Commit Genocide Against Israel?

Hamas, an active member in good standing within the worldwide terrorist community, and head of the government in the Gaza Strip, released yesterday a statement regarding flooding in Gaza. Stating that Israel was to blame for the flooding because they opened imaginary dams that don't even exist; while the real story is that there was a once in a century snow-storm Alexa, that struck much of the Middle-East in and around Egypt and Israel which caused the flooding. Yet, the baffling lie is only half the story, for its significance is even greater.

Since, this is just the latest in half-truths and flat out lies that the leaders of the Palestinian people have attempted to make fact, ever since Israel's creation in 1948, in order to gain world-wide support for their genocide against the Israeli people that Hamas has been engaged in ever since its founding in 1987.

Yet, what is so significant about this lie is that it cannot even be spun to be anywhere close to true. I mean, at least if the dams had actually existed it might have held a little water (no pun intended). However, despite the obvious falsity of the claim, Hamas is running with it and the pro-Islamic extremism press around the world is championing it as a clear example of the brutality of the Israeli people. When the reality on the ground is that Israel has already shifted personnel, water pumps, and gas for heating into the Gaza strip to aid the civilians effected by the heavy flooding. Thus, the claim that Israel is responsible is not only false, but also counter-intuitive; for if Israel had been responsible for the flooding why would they sacrifice millions in aid to counter the effects of the flooding.

Thus, this story is not only shocking in that it demonstrates the extreme lengths that Hamas will go to in order to garner support for its genocide against the Israeli people, but also because some in the world-press are actually buying this garbage. However, there is one good thing that comes out of it; for it demonstrates to every rational person on the planet the difference between the Israeli leadership and the Palestinian leadership. Since, while throughout history Israel has continually told the truth and attempted to aid civilians at every possible turn in the region just like it is doing now, the Palestinian leadership is so consumed by hatred for Israel that while its people are suffering and in need of help, they can think of nothing but to lie in an attempt to further their own sole goal of Israel's destruction.

Lastly and most significant of all, this story clearly demonstrates why Israel's sovereignty must never be put in jeopardy, for it is the only stabilizing, civilizing and good force in the region. A region that has longed for such a nation, which is why several thousand Palestinians are Israeli citizens, with their own Palestinian representatives in Israel's Knesset, and why they all deeply and patriotically love Israel and dread the prospect of Hamas' victory.

- Uchiha22
Creator & Founder