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Illegal Immigrants Vote in Ohio

The latest out of one of the key swing states in any national election, the great state of Ohio, is that 17 non-citizens cast ballots during the last 2012 Presidential election; with over 274 non-citizens in the State remaining on the registered voters lists. A case that Ohio Secretary of State John Husted has reported, is being referred for possible prosecution.

Let's begin with the fact that it is being referred for POSSIBLE prosecution; I am sorry but if I vote illegally then under Ohio State and U.S. law I must be automatically prosecuted. Yet, as upsetting as the apathy demonstrated by Ohio Secretary of State John Husted over this case is; it is an important case in many ways.

The first and most obvious is that it is exactly the reason why in order to vote one should be mandated to produce I.D. all across the nation; with proof of citizenship and age being all that would be required. Something that is easy to come by, just produce your birth-certificate, driver's licence (unless you live in California) or your citizenship card, and bang its done. Now I know to the left that is seen as the most harsh thing anyone could ever demand of another person, especially when it is just the integrity of the Republic at stake, but I am sorry, if you can't make the effort to get yourself a piece of I.D. so that you can vote and preserve the integrity of our nations governments, then maybe you shouldn't vote in the first place since you obviously don't care enough about your nation.

Yet, as great as this report out of Ohio is in demonstrating the need for voter I.D. mandates across the country, it highlights an even bigger problem within the nation. The problem of the presence of over 20 million illegal immigrants living out their entire lives here in the greatest country on earth. To the point that some obviously feel they have the right to have some say in our nation. Not only is this dangerous, since it means that American's may not be represented by the leaders that they choose and if that is the case then the Republic is dead, but it also demonstrates the key difference between the Left and Right on this issue of immigration reform that seems to be hovering in and around the White House ever since the end of the government shutdown.

See the reason that these people do not have the right to vote, and should not have the right to vote is because they are not citizens of America, and as such are not guaranteed the same rights as an American citizen is via the Constitution. This is why the American Constitution does not apply to illegal immigrants; not in part nor in full as the Left seems to think. Which is why the Left constantly tells us how evil we the American citizen is because we prevent illegal immigrants, who have broken our law, from indulging in the same rights and privileges that we afford ourselves. Yes, just like we do not afford criminals the same rights and privileges as a civilian who has never committed a crime. Since we believe that the illegal immigrant just like the criminal (many of whom just like the illegal immigrant have families they need to take care of) should and must bear personal responsibility and thus the consequences of their own decisions just like the rest of us do everyday in this nation.

Yet, even greater than highlighting the need for voter I.D. and the need to limit the rights of the Constitution to the citizen alone, this case also highlights the fact that illegal immigration is not just a border-state problem, it effects everyone around the nation. Since, while I know the running joke regarding Americans is that we don't know geography, everyone in America knows that Ohio is one of the furthest states from the US-Mexican border. This is why no matter where you live in America, whether in Ohio or in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, or California you need to demand a secure border. Not just safe from weapons and drugs flowing across it, though as story after story that are quickly buried by the left-wing media indicate we know that that isn't even true, but one that is fully controlled by the United States and clearly separates us from Mexico.

Not because, as the Left-wing would immediately argue, we are racist and hate Mexicans, but because we believe that the people of America have the right to determine their own destiny, that America has the right to decide who is American (in political status) and who is not, and because just like Texas, New Mexico, California, and Arizona want to be able to elect their own representatives. So also does Montana, North Dakota, OHIO, Minnesota, Washington State, Idaho, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York State, Pennsylvanian, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, all states so far away from the Mexican border and the corruption of Mexico that they border Canada.

So the next time that immigration reform surfaces and becomes the hot button issue in Washington again, if it does not secure the border by fence and force, and if it does not clearly differentiate between the way the Constitution is applied in regards to citizen and the way it must never be applied to illegal immigrants, know that it is garbage. Why? Not because you are a racist and hate Mexicans, but because you love America and the integrity of the Republic; and believe that no person (regardless of gender, race, nationality, language or whatever other absolutely unimportant quality the Left thinks is important to judge people on) not even a citizen, is worth sacrificing that for.

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