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FUNGINEERING - Just One More Way Socialists are Destroying Capitalism

Have you ever asked yourself why we hold business Christmas parties this time a year, when no one wants to be there and we would all rather be at home with our families? Why we play 'get to know you games' at work when a good majority of us hate them? And why there is a greater push these days to make work fun instead of productive? Well, the mangers would tell you that it is because they are attempting to foster positive environments, teamwork, and happiness for and amongst their employees. So the question that we must ask is, does attempting to "inject fun and quirkiness into everything we do" really promote those objectives? And beyond that, what are some of the consequences of this workplace environment shift, and why has it become so commonplace amongst businesses?

The answer to the first question is that by intentionally attempting to "inject fun and quirkiness into everything" your employee does through a process known as fungineering,  is actually counter-productive to those objectives you are attempting to promote and achieve amongst your employees as a business. This is because as human beings when we constantly focus on making everything fun and our own happiness, we are constantly left disappointed, for we learn constantly that we are unable to obtain it amongst or through ourselves. Especially when we are at work and thus while we are attempting to have fun there are annoying things commonly known as the demands of the job that must be accomplished and are constantly getting in the way of our fun and happiness. 

This is why many university studies including one conducted by Penn State demonstrate that "while fun activities imposed by bosses might slow employee turnover, they can damage overall productivity." This is because through fungineering employees are taught that work is a place to focus on fun, social interaction, and even prizes, besides a paycheck, for performing their job. Not only that, but those of us who just want to go to work do our job to the best of our ability and work our way up in the world, the perfect employee for any business, find it extremely distracting and annoying, which causes us to find better places to work. This is because we who are hard-working understand that in such an environment, that is akin to high-school, we will never be treated fairly or valued for our work, but constantly marginalized and seen as a downer because we dare to show up for work and do work instead of have fun. 

This is why, as the studies by Penn State and other universities demonstrate, it is conclusive that when a manger seeks to create a workplace in which a variety of personality types can flourish, meaning that employees are given as much autonomy as possible and that work is the main goal of the workplace, which ensures that people are treated justly based on their performance and achievements in the field; that these workplaces are not only the most productive, but they have the greatest number of happy employees who enjoy working together and thus creating a positive work environment.

This is because, as a recent Danish study pointed out, fairness in the workplace is far more appreciated, desired, and respected, then fun in the workplace. Especially, since, as the study found, people "who are oriented toward 'defensive pessimism' play a valuable role in preparing organizations for worse-case scenarios." This is because people like myself know that if you want to succeed in life, whether at work or in your personal life, you can't rely on others and have to rely solely on yourself to get the things you need/want done. Meaning that we understand what it is to work-hard, to persevere, to be resourceful, to be independent; all key things needed to be a successful employee and create a successful business. 

So if fungineering doesn't work why has this workplace shift become so commonplace in society? It is because when one values hard-work, perseverance, and resourcefulness, we become self-reliant and independent; something that now, from a very early age in school, we are taught is anathema. Since, this means we don't need government, we don't need experts, and we don't need socialists to run our lives. Which is exactly why the school system from an early age promotes a fungineered culture, in which we must feel good about everything, we must enjoy everything, and where it is unfair if life should ever throw lemons are way; which is why learning in schools has now been primarily pushed aside or made subservient to promoting self-esteem, tolerance, and positive thinking. 

Since, it is through the promotion of such a fungineered culture and the ingraining of such a culture into us from a very early age that gives socialists an unparalleled advantage in society. Since, by making us "happier" by promoting positive-thinking, which has been proven and is now widely accepted amongst psychologists as being counter-productive to a person with low self-esteem, they can separate us from reality and make us miserable. Then once this has been achieved, and we are dumb for we have not learned anything complicated in school for we were to busy having fun and thus lack the skills to acquire and process new information fully, and inhibited because we have over-indulged ourselves in order to fulfill our insatiable desires, for we now know, thanks to the school system, that the only thing we should demand from life is feeling good. They then tell us, "see, you can't do it on your own, you need us and the Marxist utopia, where we have all the power so that we can ensure that no one will get in the way of you being happy and that when life throws you lemons you won't have to build character by making lemonade." 

A Marxist utopia, that not only as history has shown is a clear failure wherever it has been tried, but one that through its many manifestations, in this case fungineering, keeps people in a state of high-school in which the herd rules and the unique individuals are seen as a threat, or downers. A state of being that is acceptable when you are a teenager for you might not know better, although I would argue that has a lot to do with the expectations we allow our kids to grow up with then their actual natural physical limitations at those ages, but one that should be wholly unacceptable as an adult. Thus, because the school system has become a place for social-engineering instead of learning, my generation and the generation to come will and has driven the new workplace shift, from reality to a movie or TV fantasy land.  

This is why those of us who enjoy working while at work despise and leave fungineered workplaces, for we find satisfaction in being challenged and knowing that we were able to be the best that we could be, instead of settling for mediocrity and the reward of being accepted by the herd that comes with it. Moreover, we leave because we are not little children who need to be sheltered by the herd anymore, but full-grown men and women that demand to be treated as such, and thus not only are we capable of dealing with reality, but want to deal with it so that we are in charge of our own destinies. 

Something that businesses also need to be in charge of if they are to survive, and this is exactly why fungineering is not simply annoying and doesn't work, but is fundamentally dangerous to the fabric and well-being of our capitalistic society. Since, fungineering promotes mediocrity, fun instead of hard-work, fantasy instead of reality, and most dangerous of all conformity to the Marxist collective, in this case by forcing everyone to be happy and have fun.   

- Uchiha22