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Breaking News: "Very Soon, our Jihad... is Reaching New York and Washington"

No these aren't the words of Osama Bin Laden from 2001 before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In a video just released by the most dangerous terrorist organization in Pakistan, the Tehreek-e Taliban (TTP), the group is promising that America will soon pay for its various drone strikes against them and their leadership. With the video paying tribute to the most famous victim of U.S. Drone Strikes in Pakistan, a TTP commander by the name of Qari Hussain Ahmed, who was infamous for his various suicide squads.

In the video, not only does the terrorist organization threaten to get retribution against the West for its war against them and the United States' drone strikes, but even more significant is that in the video the TTP claim responsibility for the most deadly attack in CIA history back in 2009, as a suicide bomber attacked Camp Chapman, and also the failed bombing of New York's Time Square back in 2010. Significant, since it suggests that the group has the capability at the very least to come close, and perhaps pull off, such retribution that they claim is forthcoming.

You can watch the video here:

Yet, as frightening as such a prospect of another terrorist attack on the United States is, it really isn't that surprising. Especially, when you have Russia demonstrating more effective leadership on the world-stage, China messing with Japan without retribution, news of how the Saudi Arabian embassy aided terrorists on 9/11 without repercussion despite the CIA having the evidence since 2001, when you now have allies such as Germany and Brazil questioning the United States credibility and threatening repercussions over the NSA's spying program, and when you have Obama acting unlike any other President in United States history by walking around loudly and poking every hornets nest on the world stage without carrying a big stick. Thus, effectively making America look like, and turning America into, the biggest clown of all on the world stage.

Yet, it must be mentioned here that while all of these are no doubt contributing factors, the Taliban of Pakistan (TTP) may well have threatened such retribution even despite these circumstances. However, while this is true, there is still no doubt that President Obama's foreign policy has a role to play in this. Since, it is unsurprising that the TTP feel secure enough and bold enough to announce such a threat now, as opposed to back in 2010 when their leader was killed. Since, with the Arab Spring of 2011 and the 2012 Benghazi Attacks, President Obama has made it clear that their will be no retaliation against terrorist activities in the region. Not only that, but the President has also made it clear that the Taliban will be welcomed back with open arms into the new Afghanistan; effectively signaling to the TTP, that if they simply continue to bide their time in the Pakistan mountains, the threat of U.S. retaliation lessens as U.S. troops pull out of the region and the Taliban re-establish and re-legitimize themselves within Afghanistan politics and society.

In conclusion, let us all pray that this is simply another threat made by Islamic Extremists and that another terrorist plot will never prevail anywhere in the world. However, given the nature of President Obama's administration when it comes to the Middle-East, and the state of the world ever since his administration went on their apology tour of 2008, let us nonetheless stay vigilant and stay safe.

- Uchiha22
Creator & Founder