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Boxing Day Blowout of Obama Over Obamacare

With the results from the latest CNN poll (above) regarding Obamacare highlighting one simple and true reality, that the American people are completely disgusted with the Affordable Care Act. The question that must be asked, especially if you are a Democrat or supporter of President Obama, is why?

Since, while even the Left and the Democrats have come around to admit that the rollout was bungled and they easily said some things that they wish they could take back, the saving grace of the program was that it was always such a great idea that even despite all those things the American people would come to understand its sheer brilliance, and Obamacare would grow in popularity.

This is why, as Ed Schultz so eloquently put it: "the reason they (libertarians, conservatives, and Republicans) are freaking out about Obamacare [is because] the people are signing up for health care... and they love it. And they're finding out it's not all that expensive... and so the popularity [of Obamacare] is killing them (libertarians, conservatives, and Republicans)."

Yet, the simple truth of the matter is that not only are the numbers that are now into the hundreds of thousands of those enrolled in Obamacare, no where near the 7 million needed to keep the program viable, but they are also highly inflated because of the number of people whose health insurance (that they chose, had, worked for them, and they liked) was cancelled because it did not conform to Obamacare. Meaning that as a result of not wanting to both, be without insurance and be a criminal by breaking the unconstitutional requirement of the Obamacare law, that you must purchase insurance; they had little choice but to enroll in the program.

However, even with people losing their insurance and with the bungling of the Obamacare rollout, this is not the full story of these latest poll results; and can't be if you are on the Left. Since as the Left has been relaying to us for a month or so now, it is a limited and small number of people that are affected by Obamacare in such a way that their health insurance has now been cancelled; and again, so they argue, once these people see and experience the brilliance of Obamacare they will be so grateful that they will actually praise the Left for causing them to have their health insurance coverage cancelled so they could be forced into such a wonderful program.

Two notions that brilliantly demonstrate the Left's hypocrisy on the one hand, as they triumphantly report Obamacare's popularity and success when hundreds of thousands enroll, but state that 5 million losing their health insurance (which has been estimated by experts to grow rapidly in 2014 to over 100 million people losing their health insurance) is a limited negative side-effect and a very small number; while also demonstrating how they have trapped themselves in their own lies on the other.

Since, negative numbers such as these poll numbers by CNN (which is not a conservative/libertarian network or audience) can only mean that, as Nancy Pelosi put it, they have passed the bill and now the American people are finding out what is truly in it and at its core, and beyond the temporary negative side-effects of the bungled rollout and the small and temporary negative consequences of the law's implementation, they really, really, really don't like it, even on the Left.

Why? Well, its because the law does not do what the core of the law promised, which is greater access to health insurance and healthcare for a greater number of people regardless, in large part, of their income or any other number of debilitating factors that prevented them before from participating in the world's greatest healthcare system. Since, as we have all learned so far, Obamacare is not cheaper insurance, and in fact it is much more expensive than what almost all (nearly 99%) of the people who lost their coverage because of Obamacare were paying in deductibles and monthly rates; and much more expensive then almost all (nearly 99%) of the health insurance an individual could acquire from private insurers.

Yet, as the Left has said, that is because not only did we lie to your face repeatedly about that, but because it is much better insurance then you will ever get on the free-market. Yet, and this is reflected in the latest poll numbers, that is not even true. Since, to begin with and as we have all already learned, males in general are paying for this quote on quote better health insurance, that is better in the minds of the Left, simply because it pays for services, such as pregnancy tests and other female reproductive healthcare services, that a man will never use.

Not only that, but as we have just learned today many experts in both the political, insurance, and medical fields have begun to see Obamacare as a duplicit of Medicaid; the program already designed to aid low income families and individuals pay for healthcare, especially in one very detrimental way.

In that just as in the current system, as former Director of the Congressional Budget Office Doug Holtz-Eakin points out, where doctors and hospitals "get a dollar by treating a private payer, about 70 cents out of Medicare for that same treatment, [and] get about 55 cents out of Medicaid for that;" Obamacare will also pay out for the same services substantially less then the privately insured payer, and most likely because of Obmacare's lack of viability, given that the 7 million needed to support the program have not enrolled, substantially less then Medicaid.

Meaning that while Obamacare may provide everyone with insurance, though as we learned mid-December as an early Christmas gift to us from President Obama it won't even do that and will leave more or at the very least just as many uninsured as before the law's passage, those now with Obamacare insurance will have extremely limited access to healthcare. As doctors and hospitals refuse to serve patients on Obamacare insurance, in favor of those patients on private insurance and Medicare; because not only are they able to pay so much and Obamacare pays so little, but also because they have the responsibility of keeping their own practices and hospitals financially viable so that they can continue to provide the greatest healthcare in the world to Americans.

And it is for this exact reason that the American people are so disgusted with Obamacare, because it doesn't just temporarily make our lives harder and screw with us, but by doing that it doesn't even accomplish what it claims it can, while all the while adding to the debt and growing the now invasive power of the Federal Government. Moreover, this is why only complete repeal, not dissection and/or removal of certain limited parts of the law, is the only option and completely necessary if America is to succeed. Since, at the very core of the law is, not as the Left described it a sweet caramel center that works for everyone and everyone will love, but a completely rotten out apple that is only fit for on fate, to be thrown onto the ash heap of history.