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2014, Another New Year of Heartache for the Middle-East?

Aftermath of the explosion that rocked the Christian quarter of  Baghdad on Christmas day 2013. 
It seems that the threats by various Islamic terrorist organizations in the Middle-East that were given leading up to Christmas are coming true, as headlines pour in from all corners of the region with the news of deadly terrorist attacks against civilians resulting in dozens dead and no end in sight.

Yet, while these deadly attacks cannot be said to be new to the region, their scale and targets are significant. Especially when one considers that ever since 9/11 the U.S. has had a strong presence throughout the region and for many years after 2001 acted as a calming influence in the Middle-East. However, as we learned both on Christmas and today, this trend seems to be reversing itself. As Al-Qaeda killed 37 Christians in two separate bomb attacks in Baghdad, one in an outdoor market located in the Christian section of Athorien and the other outside of a church during Christmas Mass, Christmas day; while in Lebanon Hezbollah set off a car bomb in central Beirut this morning, killing 5 including a senior aide to former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, former ambassador to the U.S. Mohammed Chatah.

Yet, as has been discussed HERE, these are not only the results of President Obama's new approach to the Middle-East not working, but also may have something to do with both the way in which President Obama was made to look like a weak fool while rattling the sabers of war over Syria back in September, and the way in which he has recently got into bed with Iran by limiting and repealing sanctions against them.

This is because Lebanon has seen a widespread wave of bombings over the past couple months as tensions have been rising in the region over Syria's civil war. With Hariri leading the Western-backed coalition in Lebanon which is engaged in a bitter feud with militant Islamic Extremist terrorist group Hezbollah, who are backed heavily by Iran. Thus, the wave of bombings that began back in late September, not only clearly demonstrate that President Obama, by making the mistake of looking weak and ineffective by unnecessarily stepping out onto the world stage in an attempt to win support from the American people for a war no one wanted, embolden the enemies of freedom, tolerance, and civil government across the region.

Moreover, now that President Obama has gotten into bed with Iran and began to raise sanctions without any concessions by the Iranians, and negotiate with Iran to enable the nation to keep its nuclear program; it is no wonder that Iran backed Hezbollah has been emboldened to the point now where they can now target key officials and not fear repercussions. Since any repercussions that the West might consider would deeply harm the new love-hate relationship that President Obama has cultivated with Iran, and seems to desire for himself and America across the Middle-East.

Thus, unfortunately setting the stage for another year in which the forces of hate, evil, and Islamic Extremism will be emboldened, and the Middle-East will once more be set ablaze. As President Obama continues to underestimate the evil that is sadly in men's hearts in that region, and thus continues to put himself at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiating peace and prosperity for the region; as he continues to seek stability by placing blind trust in those that do not deserve it.