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United States Government Shutdown - Day 4: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It is now day number four of the government shutdown, and as time drags on the American people seem less and less interested in demanding that the federal government start back up. Why? because they are learning to live and cope without its extra-constitutional programs, since they never needed them in the first place. Yet, with that said, a federal government in shutdown is still a sign of a nation in distress. Not to mention that yesterday saw some bizarre stories occur during the shutdown. So I think it would be wise to take stock of where we are so far.

the BAD

Yesterday, saw one of the most tragic events to ever occur on Capitol Hill come to pass. As a woman, suffering from post-partum depression led police on a car chase through the grounds of Capitol Hill that ended only after she was shot and killed by police during her attempt to ram her black Lexus into a police barricade. Yet, despite the tragedy of these events, mainstream media like the NY Times have already begun to turn the story political, by linking the incident to the shutdown. Suggesting that there was a gunman outside the Capitol who was so stressed out and upset over the government shutdown that they were willing to kill.

A suggestion that was based on little facts, and that turns out, as usual, to be completely false. Since the woman we now know did not appear to be armed and her motives for engaging in the act are still at best unclear. With no indication so far from what we know, to indicate that this was at all related to the government shutdown. Thus, not only was this incident bad in and of itself, but it produced one of the greatest pieces of evidence for the liberal bias and corruption that is rampant in the mainstream media. Demonstrating once again, that the liberal bias of the media is not simply a right-wing talking point but a reality, and why the media cannot be trusted to preform their duties adequately as the fourth estate.

the UGLY

Yet, as bizarre and tragic as yesterday's events during the Capitol Hill shooting were, the debate over the budget, that is necessary to re-open the extra-constitutional departments of the federal government, rages on. With some interesting patterns and stories surrounding the debate coming to light yesterday.

The first two stories that should be addressed, are that while there was certainly no wild gunman outside of the capitol, that does not mean tensions aren't running high over the government shutdown. Since yesterday not only were we treated to more highly irresponsible rhetoric by the Democrats, but a Republican Congressman was assaulted on Capitol Hill.

The highly irresponsible rhetoric came via Congressman George Miller (D-CA) as he stood up in front of Congress and said, in response to comments made by a Republican, "when he was on a jihad against American citizens getting access to healthcare." A highly irresponsible statement. Since, while not only does it prove what everyone knows, that Democrats can't be trusted with foreign policy since they don't even know what jihad even means; it is simply untrue.

Since, the Republicans have always been against the Affordable Care Act not access to healthcare, and contrary to what Mr. Miller would have us believe, long before President Obama was even a twinkle in his mother's eye ALL Americans had unfettered access to healthcare. In fact, access to the best healthcare in the world, well until the United States government began to get involved and started doing the worst thing imaginable: fixing problems. You can listen to the Congressman's comments below:

As for the Republican Congressman who was assaulted, he is just fine; and it should be noted here that the incident was more of an accosting than an assault. Since late Wednesday night, as Congressman Sean P. Duffy (R-Wis.) was walking and making his way to the U.S. Capitol, a random stranger grabbed his arm and began screaming in his face. With the motivation of the individual suspected to be the government shutdown and more specifically Congressman Duffy's continued opposition to the implementation of Obamacare.

Yet, as high as tensions are at Capitol Hill, that's all they are; an atmosphere and feeling. What was truly ugly about yesterday was the Obama administration's continued efforts to insure that the American people suffer as much as possible during the government shutdown. Starting with the shutdown of the war memorials, which as one common sense American Veteran said "are right out in the open, and security has to be around anyway, so I don't understand why they aren't open."

The closure of which was followed by a confrontation yesterday between the federal government and the state of Wisconsin over the state's refusal to close certain parks, including: Kettle Moraine, Devil's Lake, Interstate Parks, and parts of the Horicon Marsh. Since as the state using common sense pointed out, it is nonsensical to close these parks if only a small minority of employees are unable to come to work due to the shutdown.

Yet, it was not just the feud over the parks in Wisconsin that demonstrate the Democrat's desire to hurt the American people in order to get there way, it was also the quote on quote mistake, that occurred at George Washington's Mt. Vernon Estate. Where barricades were placed in front of the parking lot earlier in the day yesterday and only removed once people complained.

The reason I say quote on quote mistake, is because there have been way too many of them already to be just a coincidence. Starting with the war memorials, to the parks in Wisconsin, and ending so far with the barricade at George Washington's Mt. Vernon Estate. Moreover, it seems that everyone in the media, even the people at Fox News are unable to be anything but kind to President Obama, by being unwilling to apply any other label, such as a correct one, to these actions.

the GOOD

Yet, while just another day was unfolding on Capitol Hill, fraught with tragedy, hatred, and contempt for the American people, President Obama was doing his best to insure that his party does not get re-elected for a long while to come. Since instead of having an address to the nation on the government shutdown, something that should have happened on Tuesday despite how highly improbable it was given President Obama's lack of enthusiasm for leading the nation, and how well the last address to the nation over Syria went; President Obama once again only appeared briefly to speak to and filter his message through the mainstream media.

A brief appearance during which he stated, when speaking about House Republicans, that: "You don't get to demand some ransom in exchange for keeping the government running. You don't get to demand some ransom in exchange for keeping the economy running."

An absolutely stupid statement, since not only is the economy running fine without the federal government at the moment, for just yesterday I did some shopping and went to work; but the House Republicans are not some outside force holding funding for Obamacare hostage. They do in fact, according to the Constitution, have just as much right and authority as any Democrat member of Congress does to make decisions over funding for Obamacare.

Yet, not only are statements like this one really, really dumb, they are also really, really good. Since they continue to show the unwillingness of the Democrats to negotiate, and as such continue to demonstrate their closely held belief that they are all powerful rulers not elected officials, who are far above these cute American people and House Republicans who have no business challenging their authority in the first place.

A stubborn unwillingness to negotiate and a disgusting pride, that as we learned yesterday from a hot mic incident between Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) the American people are picking up on, much to the dismay of the Democrat elites. You can listen to the exchange below:

A tuning in by the American people that is great news for the nation. Since, not only are the American people as a whole finally seeing the truth about what the Democrats actually think about them, but the Republicans are going to win this government shutdown fight either way.

Since if the Democrats suddenly open up negotiations from the deep trench they have dug themselves into, they alienate not only what is left of, but also the most active part of their base, the hard-core leftists. Yet, if they continue to act as if the American people and the House Republicans have no right to defy them in any capacity, then they risk continuing to alienate the American people as a whole, ensuring a great backlash against Democrats in various elections well into the foreseeable future. Can someone say, 2016 Republican Presidency, House and Senate?

A backlash that would be welcome news to the American people and the nation. Since while Republicans can't be trusted anymore than Democrats, a Republican controlled federal government would usher in a climate conducive to allowing the American people a chance at repealing Obamacare, ending quantitative easing, reforming social security, medicare and medicaid, and lowering taxes and thus increasing liberty and wealth across the nation. Not to mention that a Rand Paul or Ted Cruz presidency, could offer the American people a chance to not only begin implementation of the Liberty Amendments, but also get rid of or at the very least reform the Federal Reserve, the Department of Education, the EPA, the NSA, the IRS, and various other non-constitutional (either in concept or practice) federal government departments and programs.        

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