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United States Government Shutdown - Day 2: And We're All Still Alive, Who Knew?

~Why are you all looking at me, it was that guy over there~

So it is now a little over 24 hours since the deadline to pass a temporary budgetary measure came and went and the government of the United States of America went into full shutdown mode. Yet, as over 700,000 federal employees and fellow Americans headed home without pay yesterday, a strange thing happened. Despite what the mainstream media would have us believe, the sky did not fall and we are all still here and speaking English and not Chinese, who knew?

Well for us libertarians and those of a conservative bent we can boldly put up our hands nice and high and say, we did! Since the American people have NEVER needed this extra-constitutional federal government. I mean simply think about a year in your own life, for a vast majority of us we NEVER require the federal government for anything, and it is ALWAYS the federal government that inconveniently requires something from you. Thus, while it is never a good thing when our fellow citizens go home without pay, or continue to work without pay; the bigger picture beyond the emotions of the here and now, paints a much brighter path ahead. One that offers the American people, not a future void of hope because the government is dead as President Obama and the mainstream media so desperately need you to believe, but a chance to rectify many of the problems that have plagued the nation for decades by beginning to kill parts of the government dead that the Constitution sought to never see come to life in the first place.

Why? because now that the government shutdown has taken full effect, and the mainstream media has been given the chance to emphatically blame the Republicans. With CNN even running a headline on their television coverage yesterday that read "So what is Boehner's exit strategy?" followed by a headline that read "Obama warns of an economic shutdown." Headlines placed back to back that give the American people the impression that not only are the Republicans to blame for this shutdown. Despite what Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) so adequately pointed out to David Gregory on Meet the Press this past Sunday. That The Republicans have continually compromised on Obamacare, moving from a position of total repeal, to defunding, to delaying full implementation by a year; a process during which the Democrats have continued to stubbornly remain frozen in their full support for the Affordable Care Act.

The headlines also give the impression that we have a President Boehner and not a President Obama in the oval office. Since it places all leadership and responsibility to get out of this quote on quote crisis, squarely on the shoulders of the Speaker of the House and not the most powerful man on the planet, the President of the United States. A President Obama, who instead of being out front on this issue and governing as a President that presides over all the people of this nation, not just the Democrats in his own party, by working diligently to generate compromise from within his own party. Is instead sitting on the sidelines and fear-mongering, in order to increase the pressure on the Republicans to let go of their desire to stop the train-wreck that every American knows is Obamacare. I mean just this past weekend the most popular comedians on the left, from Saturday Night Live to Jimmy Kimmel, all got huge laughs by pointing out the ridiculousness that is President Obama and Obamacare.

So with all that being said, the government shutdown has afforded the American people an opportunity to really change things for the better. Since, with the Republican fear coming to pass that they will be blamed for the government shutdown, the Republicans no longer have any reason to fear challenging President Obama and the Democrats over Obamacare, and as such are left with following one of two paths.

The first, and frankly least surprising path, is that they do sadly fold like cheap suits out of a fear that the American people will never elect them again if two things were to happen. The first is President Obama's fear-mongering about another economic shutdown comes true. An economic shutdown that we were headed for anyway given the rate of inflation thanks to the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing program, the runaway debt, the continued drop in the labour force participation rate month after month, and, thanks to Obamacare, the continued disappearance of full-time job opportunities and their replacement with part-time job opportunities in the economy. 

The second is the prolonged loss of over 300 billion dollars a day from the economy due to the layoff of non-essential government workers, as well as the prolonged loss of vital services, that according to CNN, include the IRS hotline; ya, cause if I call those guys they won't screw with me at all, right?  It should be noted here that these two losses raise three interesting questions: why aren't non-essential government workers simply fired? With the entire EPA being shutdown, why as a non-essential division of government do they even exist in the first place? and why is the federal government so involved with the American economy that it loses over 300 billion dollars a day if they shutdown non-essentials? 

The second path the Republicans could follow, is to embrace and proclaim the truth boldly and with a spirit of courage by beginning the shift further away from compromise with the Democrats and closer to, what is slowly but surely becoming, the overwhelming will of the American people when it comes to issues such as Obamacare, the Keystone Pipeline, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, impeachment of President Obama for violating the constitution and abuse of the executive order (one can dream, can't they?) etc. Thus, finally permanently solving these various issues instead of continually putting them off or patching them up.

Either way, whatever path the Republicans choose is good news for the American people. Since either the job gets done now, or the Republicans fold again and alienate their entire voting base. A voting base that since the inception of the Tea Party movement in 2009, has been whispering amongst themselves about founding and establishing a third national party. One that will stand for the founding father's understanding of the Constitution and the historic principles of Abraham Lincoln's Republican Party. A third party that if ever elected would kill dead departments such as the Department of Education, the, as we learned yesterday, non-essential Environmental Protection Agency, the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Reserve etc. With all powers vested currently in these agencies (except the power of the federal government to tax and print currency) returned to the States, to whom they rightfully belong.

Thus, while in the short-term the government shutdown is a difficult thing for those families who have just lost their income, that is what we have each other for. Besides, even more important than the here and now is the long-term well being of the nation; and in the long-run the government shutdown has created a golden opportunity for the American people. A rare opportunity, to blow on this house of cards known as the all powerful federal government and have all the cards come crashing down and yet fall and turn the right way up for once.

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