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Obama Default

So with the shutdown now in full swing and the end nowhere in site. President Obama continues to create, not compromise and vision; no, cause that would be the mark of a leader. No, instead President Obama has defaulted to his normal position and continues to use the Presidency to generate division and fear. With the President's latest talking points warning of a complete economic collapse if the government shutdown carries on past October 17th. What's so special about October 17th?

Well it is the day that the federal government runs out of credit and must raise the debt ceiling and grant itself another loan, or else risk defaulting on its obligations as a nation. A default that would have negative effects on the economy world-wide due to the fact that the United States is the world's reserve currency.

Yet, this fear over an economic collapse because of a federal government default is simply unwarranted. Since, while it is true that if the United States were to default on its obligations the world economy would suffer; the economy is already suffering and we are already headed for another economic collapse. Not only that, but if you remember the last time we had this debate over raising the government debt ceiling back in 2011, this exact fear was being generated and propagated by the left incessantly. A fear of a massive federal government default that even before the debt ceiling was raised and all was said and done, we had all learned was not going to happen even if the debt ceiling hadn't been raised. So guess what? Nothing has changed, and a massive government default is not going to happen even if we pass the October 17th deadline without raising the debt ceiling. 

So the question now becomes, what should the American people do if the government shutdown does indeed pass the October 17th deadline? The first option is to give into the fear being promoted by President Obama and immediately pass any bill that provides a temporary budgetary measure for the government and raises the debt ceiling. Thus, granting the politicians in Washington the permission to do two things. The first is that it gives them permission to put our grand children further into debt through out of control spending and the printing of money; which by the way is a path that will automatically lead to a guaranteed worldwide economic collapse. The second, is that it gives them permission to once again hoodwink the American people. Since we all know the strings that are attached to any bill that is hurriedly rushed through Congress without much debate, and then rushed to the President's desk to be signed without a peep. Yet, don't worry, I'm certain Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will be their to comfort us and let us know we are doing the right thing, by telling us 'that they just have to finish passing the bill, before we can know what's in it... you know... away from the fog of the controversy.' Sound familiar:

The second option available to the American people, is to take Abraham Lincoln's advice and stand firm in the right, and allow the government shutdown to continue as long at the Democrats refuse to budge on Obamacare. Even if that means passing the October 17th deadline to raise the debt ceiling without doing anything. Since if the American people truly wish for their children and grand children to have a brighter future than themselves, they must put aside their lives for a time, roll up their sleeves, and get to work fixing the problems plaguing the United States once and for all. 

Instead of doing what their parents did to them, which was to blow the problems off and pass the ever growing problems on for the next generation to suffer under and attempt to fix. A cycle that needs to be broken sooner rather than later if the American people wish to maintain their place at the top of the world's food chain. Since as those of us who live in the real world all know, the Russians, the Chinese and the Islamists would love nothing more than a world void of the United States as a superpower.

Yet, as upsetting and disheartening as President Obama's rhetoric is to a nation that so desperately needs moral and upright leadership. Even more upsetting is that President Obama is attempting to pin the blame for any fallout, from the federal government shutdown and the possible missing of the October 17th deadline to raise the debt ceiling, on the Republicans. Since while I know that President Obama's default is to shoulder no responsibility and then pin the blame on the other guys for his failures as a President, I never believed him to be stupid. 

Since, it really is nonsensical to blame the Republicans for the government shutdown. Since not only was this entire mess avoidable in the first place, for all the Democrat controlled Senate had to do was pass the appropriations bills that were up for vote earlier this year and none of this would have come to pass, but it is the Democrats under President Obama that have stated time and time again that they will not budge or compromise. Not even when, not only are over 700,000 Americans currently out of a job and thousands more currently working without pay, but under their own Democrat understanding of the world, the United States is about to default on its financial obligations as a nation.

Something that should make all of us pause and wonder: if President Obama truly believes a worldwide economic shutdown is possible if the federal government shutdown lasts too long and the debt ceiling isn't raised by October 17th, then why isn't he he moving towards compromise over the government shutdown like the Republicans have been? 

The answer is simple. Either President Obama truly hates the United States and the American people that much and is so convicted by the teachings of social justice and Marxism that he is willing to destroy the nation and the lives of 280 million people all so that the less than 7% (20 million people) of American citizens currently without health insurance can either get some or be forced to get some under penalty (something that should make everyone stop and question the real purpose behind social justice); OR the President is lying and his fear of a default by the United States government is unjustified. 

And I think that if one uses common sense, and after the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal, and after finding out what was in the bill once it was passed and we did read it, when it came to the Affordable Care Act, I think we can all agree its pretty obvious. President Obama is lying, for he has defaulted. 

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