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A Dash of Republican Hypocrisy and a Heap of Democrat Cruelty - Makes for Just Another Day in Washington D.C.

~They can't vote, so why would I want to help a kid with cancer again?~

So as I was watching Fox News last night and all the various talking heads speaking about the government shutdown, I was struck by two things. The first was the number of Republicans who sounded like hypocrites, and the second was the number of Democrats who stood in solidarity with Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) as they stated their willingness to sacrifice the well being of the American people, even a kid's life to cancer, in order to push the communist [okay socialist, I mean "basically; taking over, and the government running all of your" healthcare (1:10 of video)] agenda of Obamacare. Two things that got me thinking, Republican hypocrisy or Democrat cruelty, which is worse?

Now I will admit that while a libertarian I am sympathetic towards the Republicans. So I will first say this in their defense, at least they are attempting to do right by the American people by listening to them and doing their job in the House by passing common sense budgets for non-essential but bi-partisan supported services. Such as budgets for the re-opening of the war memorials, national parks, zoos, libraries, veteran affairs services, and other services related to American healthcare. All so that in the very least, while the government is shutdown, the American people can remain largely unaffected.

Yet, as I listened to two of my absolute favorite representatives in Congress, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Senator Rand Paul (RKY), being interviewed and speaking about the current situation. I found myself chaffing again and again against the hypocritical notion that they presented. Namely, that the federal government is needed to run national parks, zoos, libraries or even certain healthcare services for that matter, and that is why it is a travesty to see partisanship on the part of the Democrats, who under President Obama and Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) refuse to pass anything outside of a full budget that fully funds and implements Obamacare, holding up the re-establishment of funding for these various services while the government is in shutdown. 

Since while it is not hypocritical at all for Republicans to say that the nation has an obligation to fund the veteran affairs services and war memorials, since that is a part of the military and thus is constitutionally permissible. They do need to be careful when they suggest that the shutting down of the national parks, the libraries and the zoos is a major travesty that must be rectified at once through the re-establishment of the federal government's authority over these areas through the re-establishment of funding. Since for many of us, the federal government, which owns nearly 30% of the nations territory already, has too much land to begin with and the authority over these parks should and must be returned to the various States where it belongs.

Thus, while it is true that Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and the Democrats; who refuse to compromise, and as Senator Paul so astutely pointed out had the chance to avoid this whole thing by simply passing the various appropriation bills earlier in the year; are to blame for this entire mess that we now see in Washington. I do think that the Republicans need to be careful not to alienate their supporters by too heavily leaning on the notion that the government must get back up and running as soon as possible or the sky will fall. Since I believe the sentiment expressed by the crowd on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show last night said it all, as far as where the American people are on the issue of the government shutdown. Since, when Leno asked if anyone was worried about the government shutdown a few low murmurs were heard amongst the crowd; but when Leno asked how many more were worried about it starting back up, the crowd erupted with agreement. 

Yet, even more troubling than the hypocrisy that is creeping into the talking points of even the most conservative and libertarian of  Republicans, is the cruelty of the Democrats and their fearless leader Senator Harry Reid, I would have said President Obama, but as everyone knows he's too busy pointing fingers and fear-mongering on television with his buddies at the main-stream media at the moment. This is because not only is it hypocritical of the Democrats, a party built on the tax and spend theology, to not want to pass budgets that would grow the government, from its current slimmed and shut down size to a more a healthy, well for the Democrats at least, anorexic; but Senator Harry Reid was on national television.

During which the Senator spent his time unleashing all the power of his stupidity in response to one question in particular. Giving an answer that first, contrary to the Constitution [which reads in Article 1 Section 9: "no money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law," and in Article 1 Section 7 that "every bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall before it becomes a law..." indicating clearly that the Congress, which includes the House, makes all laws] stated that the House has no right to pick and choose what parts of the government are funded. 

Stupidity what was followed up by stating that in order to keep up the pressure on the Republicans to pass a full budget that fully funded and implemented Obamacare, he was willing to withhold the funding passed by the House that allows a child with cancer to go to clinical trials, and allow instead for that child to die. A statement that was compounded further in its cruelty and stupidity by Harry Reid's next move, which was to insult the intelligence of the reporter who asked him a tough question and made him look bad, and to state that a child's life was equal in value to the job of Democrat voter. You can watch the whole exchange below:

Yet, while everyone else is shocked at the cruelty of this statement, as everyone should be, they are nonetheless thinking only of the immediate and how it relates to the government shutdown, and in the process missing the bigger picture. This is exactly why Obamacare, besides being a financial train wreck, must be stopped. Since, as someone who currently lives under socialized medicine and knows first hand the massive shortages that come with it, you need people of great moral character to decide how to implement the limited resources available when it comes to running socialized healthcare; or even better still, don't pass socialized healthcare in the first place. 

So with that in mind, you need to ask yourself one of two questions. Do you really trust people like Harry Reid and the Democrats, who clearly lack the moral character necessary since they are willing to let a kid die of cancer in order to be re-elected, to run and implement your and your family's healthcare better than you? OR if you are currently without healthcare at the moment, Does this kind of healthcare system, that is run by the Democrats, really sound like it is going to take good care of you? 

The answer to both questions, both from common sense and again from my own personal experience under a system of socialized medicine, must be a resounding NO. Moreover, this is exactly why we need the Republicans not to cave, but instead prevent Obamacare from becoming fully implemented, or better yet repeal the act all together. Since socialized medicine is not just a financial train wreck, it is a moral train wreck for any nation.

In conclusion, while we should be most disappointed in the hypocrisy creeping in to the Republican platform on the issue of the current government shutdown. After Senator Harry Reid's display of sheer stupidity yesterday, I think we can all agree that at the moment we should be willing to overlook any small flaw in the approach of those in the Republican Party that are willing to stand up against President Obama and Senator Harry Reid over the government shutdown, and lend our support to any who are seeking the end of Obamacare once and for all. 

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