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Republicans Are Finished

It is good to be back after a short break while on vacation. Yet, while my vacation was pleasant, what I found out when I returned was not. Don't get me wrong I am glad that the government has re-opened its doors and that President Obama no longer has the power to mess with and cause pain to the American people through the shutdown. However, the deal that was struck between the Republicans and Democrats in order to end the quote on quote crises was disgraceful.

A Case Study: The Obamacare Website

So after learning about the Obamacare website's wonderful debut, complete with glitches, bugs and government incompetence; and after learning that the website cost, not its estimated figure of $93 million, but over $634,320,919 in taxpayer dollars or roughly 2/3rds of a billion in taxpayer sweat and tears. I was planning on writing a long post on how we should all be very proud of ourselves. Since without even reading the bill, the Affordable Care Act has delivered on its promises and given us everything we deserve. Well, I was going to write that post, until I came across this ad. An ad that says everything you need to know about why the government is going to be so much better than you at organizing and running your and your family's healthcare.

Obama Default

So with the shutdown now in full swing and the end nowhere in site. President Obama continues to create, not compromise and vision; no, cause that would be the mark of a leader. No, instead President Obama has defaulted to his normal position and continues to use the Presidency to generate division and fear. With the President's latest talking points warning of a complete economic collapse if the government shutdown carries on past October 17th. What's so special about October 17th?

United States Government Shutdown - Day 4: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It is now day number four of the government shutdown, and as time drags on the American people seem less and less interested in demanding that the federal government start back up. Why? because they are learning to live and cope without its extra-constitutional programs, since they never needed them in the first place. Yet, with that said, a federal government in shutdown is still a sign of a nation in distress. Not to mention that yesterday saw some bizarre stories occur during the shutdown. So I think it would be wise to take stock of where we are so far.

A Dash of Republican Hypocrisy and a Heap of Democrat Cruelty - Makes for Just Another Day in Washington D.C.

~They can't vote, so why would I want to help a kid with cancer again?~ So as I was watching Fox News last night and all the various talking heads speaking about the government shutdown, I was struck by two things. The first was the number of Republicans who sounded like hypocrites, and the second was the number of Democrats who stood in solidarity with Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) as they stated their willingness to sacrifice the well being of the American people, even a kid's life to cancer, in order to push the communist [okay socialist, I mean " basically; taking over, and the government running all of your " healthcare (1:10 of video)] agenda of Obamacare. Two things that got me thinking, Republican hypocrisy or Democrat cruelty, which is worse?

United States Government Shutdown - Day 2: And We're All Still Alive, Who Knew?

~Why are you all looking at me, it was that guy over there~ So it is now a little over 24 hours since the deadline to pass a temporary budgetary measure came and went and the government of the United States of America went into full shutdown mode. Yet, as over 700,000 federal employees and fellow Americans headed home without pay yesterday, a strange thing happened. Despite what the mainstream media would have us believe, the sky did not fall and we are all still here and speaking English and not Chinese, who knew?