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"We've got to have a Civilian National Security Force that's Just as Powerful, Just as Strong, Just as Well-Funded..."

In case you've been living under a rock for the past 9 months or so, the 2nd amendment has been under full assault by the Obama Administration ever since the tragic events of the Sandy Hook Shooting back in December of 2012. Yet, as troubling as the administrations proposals for greater gun control are, which despite being rejected wholeheartedly by both the Left and the Right were later implemented as much as possible by President Obama through abuse of the executive order, even more troubling is the changing reality on the ground. Starting with the troublesome notion of a non-constitutional approved, non-Congress approved Homeland Security police force, and continuing yesterday with the local Dallas Police force acquiring a military truck designed for overseas combat. Two actions by the government that raises the question: are the Libertarian, open-carry folks really all that crazy?

We need to start with understanding the position of the Libertarian, open-carry people; which is that all people should be free to purchase and acquire arms free of limitations or government regulation. A position that in reality is a rather constitutional one. Since the 2nd amendment in its simple form states that: "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." With the definition of infringe, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, being: "to affect something so as to limit or restrict it (ex. this infringes on our rights)." Yet, as important as the debate over what types of arms should be available to the populace and who in the populace should be able to acquire them is. An even greater debate has begun to, and needs to, take center stage. Namely, the debate over maintaining the balance between the real power of the government and the real power available to the American people.

A change in the debate that began ever since Obama took office and he made this worrisome statement: "We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." A statement that should be worrisome and troublesome to both the right, who fears an out of control government that will ignore the constitution, and the left, who fears an out of control government who will deny them their civil rights. It is for this reason that the gun debate, as it is presented in the media, is in actuality missing the point to a large degree and is acting as good cover and a distraction to what is really happening on the ground in America.

Since, while the pundits distract the people with a debate over gun control regulation and laws, the Obama administration has been hard at work securing power and capabilities for the domestic security forces in the country. Again, starting with the building of a non-constitutional, non-congress approved Homeland Security police force. A police force that not only purchased over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, enough to carry out a domestic war for over 20 years, but has also begun to show up at nearly every tea-party and open-carry rally to act as intimidation and enforcement for the government despite having no legal right to do so; and even more troublesome, despite having no right to infringe upon the people's right to assemble (which is both a basic constitutional and civil right).

Yet, as troublesome as the federal government having an illegal police force is, it is the least surprising occurrence given the general path that the federal government has been on for the past three decades, and thus perhaps the least concerning as far as judging just how close the American people are to losing their ability to enforce and secure their own freedom. That's why even more concerning is the fact that in the middle of the Libertarian, open-carry heartland of Texas, the local Dallas police force has just acquired a vehicle, originally intended for use by the military in overseas combat, that has the capabilities to withstand ballistic and other arms fire, mine blasts, IEDs etc.

The reason this is troubling is because there is no reason for a nation, that already has the well-balanced power of the FBI to deal with terrorist activity and threats, to have a local police department in possession of such a vehicle. Especially since Dallas, TX is nowhere near the troubled Texas, Mexican border; and even then only the state guard needs such equipment. The reason it is so troubling is because such a vehicle offers no chance for the arms currently available to the American people to make a dent in the police force if the police force were to go rogue. Not only that, but it matches Obama's goal of creating a massive civilian national security force that is just as powerful, strong and well-funded as the military; which by the way would also mean it would have to become just as centralized to be effective.

Moreover, such a vehicle in the hands of the local police is exactly why Libertarians and open-carry folks argue for the literal meaning of the American Constitution to reign supreme. Since, it is only by having no-limits on the type of arms available to the people, that the American people have a chance at maintaining the real on the ground balance between government forces and themselves. A balance that used to require rifles, shotguns, pistols etc.; but due to the government over-stepping its boundaries, not individuals demanding more power, there is now a clear need for the American people to have greater weapons with greater fire-power in order to maintain this delicate but crucial balance that is required if there is to be liberty.

In conclusion, it should be said that the notion of a police-state is not something that should be considered far-fetched or a right-wing conspiracy, but in fact is something that is being felt by more and more Americans everyday. With perhaps one of the best examples occurring last week, when a man in New York state placed a sign on his own property which simply read "Protect the 2nd amendment," only to have the sign stolen twice by an on duty police officer in a cruiser. Yet, it is not just isolated incidents that paint this story as reality. It can also be seen in the fact that ammo is sold-out nearly all across the nation, thanks in no small part to Homeland Security's purchase of 1.6 billion rounds, purchased just as Americans began to buy ammo at record highs. Not only that, but in a recent Gallup poll, the number of all Americans who believe the government is too powerful reached a record high at over 60%. Two recent occurrences, that when combined with the increase in the number of isolated incidents of police civil rights violations, that make the Libertarian, open-carry folk's stance on the 2nd amendment, a little less crazy and perhaps the most logical position after all.