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Truckers Aim to Shutdown Washington D.C. and the Nation over Obama-Care

Truck drivers across America have recently begun to organize for a three day strike in Washington D.C. that is set to occur from October 11-13th  over President Obama's abuses of the American Constitution; which include, to name a few, Obama-Care, Eric Holder's various scandals, and the fact that no Congressional hearings have taken place over the fate of Seal Team 6 and the incident in Benghazi. So what should be the nations response and what is to be made of this recently proposed nation wide strike?

The first thing that comes to mind is that such a strike is reminiscent of the massive rallies and protests that took place during the civil rights movements in the 1950's and 60's; though obviously on a much lesser scale. However, the other thing that comes to mind is that, no matter how effective, it is too little too late. Since currently there are no real solutions to protest in favor of, and thus a nation-wide strike won't resolve or result in anything at least not in the short term, but to demonstrate to the Democrats that the nation is not on their side. Something that has already become clear in poll after poll in the past few months. 

Yet, despite this, and this is something I have never understood about Americans since the 1990's, massive strikes still remain the most effective way to place pressure on those in power in Washington D.C.; and yet even when the Affordable Care Act was being debated back in early 2010, a mere ten-thousands of Americans arrived to protest the bill. Despite the fact that over seventy percent of Americans opposed the bill outright at the time. 

The reason this is so disappointing is because when one thinks of the over 2 million Egyptians who organized themselves in Tahrir Square, Cairo through Twitter and Facebook and protested for 18 days straight in January of 2011. The fact that out of a population of over 300 million Americans, a mere few thousand showed up to protest the Constitution altering Affordable Care Act for a few days is a travesty. Especially since America not only overwhelming disapproved of it, but Americans have the greatest access to means of communication by which to organize themselves. Not only that, but a government that is by the people, for the people, and led by "We the People" faltered, simply because "the people" were to busy or too apathetic to bother showing up. 

So on the one hand, while these truckers may be a little too late to actually effect anything in the short term. Depending on how many Americans show up to shutdown D.C. or show solidarity with the truckers by joining in the nation wide protest, will determine if this is simply another rally that demonstrates what the Washington elites already know or if this the beginning of something bigger. Yet, while that is clearly obvious. It should be noted that even without a large number of strikers or a charismatic leader such as Martin Luther King Jr., if truckers do indeed bring their trucks into the heart of D.C. and shutdown people's ability to travel around in a large portion of the Nation's Capitol for 3 days it won't necessarily matter how many people join them, and it should definitely capture the attention of the American media. 

Thus, while these truckers remain a small group thus far and their strike remains unable to effect the short-term situation in Washington, this could be a key start to something bigger.Something that if it does sweep across the nation, could change things for the better in the long-term. Not to mention, that exercising one's constitutional right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly is never ever a bad thing, and is the first step to restoring "We the People" as the rightful leaders of America.      

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