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The Blitzkreig ON ObamaCare is ON

While Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) may have been leading the charge to defund ObamaCare in the Senate, backed and supported closely by allies such as Senator Rand Paul (R-KY); but for the most part all alone. It seems that his fighting spirit just might be contagious, as the House has begun to join in on the blitzkrieg that has only just begun on the Affordable Car Act. With the House about to introduce a bill that among other things, including getting approval for the Keystone Pipeline, will delay ObamaCare's implementation by a year in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. So while this is good news without a doubt, why now all of a sudden are the Republicans starting to actually fight for the destruction of ObamaCare?

The answer is simple, voters. And while I know that may seem like an obvious answer, in actuality it is not. Since many of us in North America, especially over the past 12 years or so, have felt that our representatives in Washington are completely bought and sold. That our representatives only show up for us to ask them questions and demand of them, because its part of the job, not because they actually care what we the voter think.With perhaps the best example being the passing of the Affordable Care Act itself, with people overwhelmingly opposing it in 2010, and telling their representatives in very loud tones as much, to no avail.

Yet, there is something greater than poll numbers shifting in favor of Republican policies that is happening across America that is motivating Republicans back to their senses and historic principles. Since, lets face it, Americans have always overwhelming hated the Affordable Care Act that was shoved down their throats in March of 2010. It is the conditions of the average American voter that is changing. With many of them now young males at home with nothing to do, since their is no work for them. A fact that is reflected in the labour force participation rate of the United States, now at its lowest in over two decades at just over 63% and steadily falling. This condition along with many others including falling incomes and continuing loss of jobs, has resulted in an average American voter who is highly motivated, educated, and who now has the time, previously unavailable to them due to their jobs, to get heavily involved with their communities and politics in order to find solutions.

Conditions in America that are very reminiscent of another time in American history right before we saw one of the greatest explosion of American exceptionalism, ingenuity, wealth and conservatism to ever sweep across the nation. Namely at the end of the Jimmy Carter administration, when the unemployment rate was at 11%, the labour force participation rate was at 64%, and stagflation had gripped the nation. Something that currently is a real possibility, with the federal reserve continuing to print money at record rates, while also buying and liquidizing the nation's own debt.

This parallel between then and now cannot be ignored, and is a very good sign for the nation's future. Since as much as Obama would like to believe that his administration has made the world a more stable place in the past 5 years; the reality on the ground is much different both abroad and at home. Except this time it is not hardcore leftists that are the only activists in the political arena. It is the average citizen; from the bikers to the truckers, from the open carry people to the Tea Party activists, from the mother in front of Congress, to the father in the school. The American people are waking up, and begun to do what they, unlike any other nation in history can. They have begun to remember who they are by remembering their forefathers' history of freedom and death to tyrants.

And it is through this remembering that the American people have begun to provide for themselves a second chance to remove and destroy the Affordable Care Act, and in the process remind the Washington power brokers and elites who is really in charge. Thus, paving the way for another explosion of American exceptionalism, ingenuity, wealth and conservatism to sweep the nation. Yet, it is up to the American people to keep the pedal to the medal and rally around those Republicans who have begun to fight for what we have always believed in, "government of the people, by the people, and for the people." So from your brother in Canada, with much encouragement and steadfastness,"now is the time for you to roll up your sleeves America, and get'er done."