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Ted Cruz & #MakeDCListen - The Next Ronald Reagan?

Whatever you may think of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), he should remind you a lot of one of the most popular American presidents of all time, Ronald Reagan. It is not because Ted Cruz has Ronald Reagan's enigmatic charm or charisma, but because he has Ronald Reagan's most valuable characteristic, courage. A courage to not only upset the Washington elites by speaking the truth without fear; but more importantly the courage to challenge the American people and the American representatives across the nation to be better. To be and act as a generation that is worthy of inheriting the most powerful nation on earth; just as Ronald Reagan challenged the nation's people and government to finally end the Cold War and destroy & dismantle the evil that was the Soviet Union.

This courage to challenge America to be better, is the real reason why Senator Ted Cruz is currently terrifying the left, not only with his current filibuster that will come to an end after nearly 24 hours this Wednesday; when the senate begins its vote on cloture over the newly proposed temporary federal funding bill. More importantly, it is because of what he is challenging the nation to do and the principles that he stands for. The same principles that Ronald Reagan stood for, American exceptionalism that is found in the people not the government, free market capitalism, freedom, social and financial responsibility, one nation under a living God etc. Principles that every American knows instinctively works and is comforted by, on a level that no amount of distant polished government affection can ever dissuade them from.

So it is not surprising to those outside of the bubble that is Washington D.C., that Senator Ted Cruz is making quite a splash with the American people. With people flocking to their televisions and their computers to lend an ear and support for Senator Ted Cruz. Since Senator Ted Cruz is exactly the type of politician that people want, and who people thought President Obama would be. A politician that refuses to change his language or convictions and play the game the way the Washington elites demand it be played. Someone, just like Reagan who refused to stop labeling the Soviet Union evil, who will speak the truth in plain language and will only stop speaking it once the truth has won the day completely. Why? because he actually believes it and is convicted by it. Lastly and most importantly, a politician that is willing to listen to the people and represent them even in the face of great personal danger from the Washington D.C. power brokers.

This is why those same power brokers are now working overtime, not to combat Senator Ted Cruz's arguments with cogent ones of their own. No, for they know that is a battle they will never and can't win; but instead to tarnish Ted Cruz's reputation through smearing and personal attacks. In other words, the same old Washington tactics that no American citizen wants to see be a part of the debate. In fact, the same tactics that President Obama, in his 2008 victory speech to the nation, stated would never be part of his party's or administration's tactics as long as he was President. Declaring that his administration would usher in a new era of transparency and constructive dialogue, debate and co-operation. Yet, despite this promise, President Obama's lackeys in the main-stream media such as Chris Matthews are, to no one's surprise anymore, working overtime to do the opposite when it comes to Ted Cruz.

With Chris Matthews at 2:20 of the video even admitting as much, stating "I don't oppose him because of ideological reasons, I oppose him because he is a problem to our republic." A statement that clearly demonstrates that Ted Cruz is not wrong in what he is saying or in labeling Obama-Care a government trian-wreck. Instead, Ted Cruz is simply wrong because he refuses to go along with the herd, because he is upsetting the government elites' apple cart on its road to the marketplace of totalitarianism. Thus, Ted Cruz is wrong for the republic (government), for he is not like the others and so must be put down.

Yet, despite these dishonest low blows, Senator Ted Cruz has found a great Reagan-like way of combating such asinine nonsense. Simply be who you are, be genuine, and attack your opponents through the nicest means possible in order to prove them wrong:

In conclusion, this genuineness and courage is exactly why Senator Ted Cruz is a major force to be reckoned with, and someone who the American people should and will support and get behind with great energy and enthusiasm; just as they did Ronald Reagan.